Energía Vectorial: Pioneering electric vehicle transformation in Latin America

Energía Vectorial, a member of Impact Hub Medellín since 2019, is revolutionising urban mobility in Latin America with innovative electric vehicle (EV) conversion technologies. By converting internal combustion engine vehicles into electric vehicles, Energía Vectorial targets commercial fleets to significantly reduce urban pollution and operational costs. Their work extends vehicle life, aligns with sustainable development goals, and promotes cleaner city environments, making a profound impact on local communities.

Instituto +58: Empowering Venezuelan immigrants in Brasília

Instituto +58 is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the socio-economic and cultural integration of vulnerable Venezuelan refugees in Brasília, Brazil. By focusing on labour insertion and sociocultural support, Instituto +58 empowers Venezuelan immigrants, providing them with the tools for a self-sufficient life. Their comprehensive assistance includes legal documentation, healthcare access, social support, and skill-building programmes.

VerdeNovo: Sowing seeds of change in the Cerrado

Bárbara’s business, VerdeNovo, enhances the conservation efforts of the Cerrado by focusing on the collection and commercialisation of native seeds for the restoration of degraded areas. Based in Brasília, VerdeNovo offers over 150 species, including Ipê-verde and Jacarandá, and provides consultancy services. Through her startup, Bárbara aims to combat the impoverishment of those living in the Cerrado, ensuring both social and environmental sustainability.

Navigating new horizons: Filiboosta’s collaborative success at Impact Hub Florence

Cesare Manni, Annarita Bonanata, Valentina Cangiamila, and Eduardo Bartali, digital specialists and proud members of Impact Hub Florence since 2019, formed Filiboosta. This collective of web artisans combine their diverse skills to create customised software, interactive portals, and compelling web designs, exemplifying the strength of teamwork in overcoming freelance isolation.

Cultivating change: SoilBiom’s revolutionary approach to sustainable agriculture

SoilBiom, co-founded by Deniz, Osman, Atakan, and Umut, develops tailor-made microbial fertilisers that boost plant growth while maintaining soil quality. Their journey, intertwined with Impact Hub Ankara through the Empowering Women in Agriculture (EWA) Programme, has seen them grow from a co-working membership to establishing a laboratory.

Empowering women entrepreneurs: insights from CAPSULE 2024 Bootcamp

CAPSULE is an Erasmus+ project organised in 3 EU countries, Romania, Croatia and Hungary by Impact Hub Bucharest, Career Shift, Impact Hub Zagreb and Impact Hub Budapest to promote young people’s initiatives in the area of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, with a focus on social inclusion and diversity in fields such as education, training, youth and sport, and also to increase the degree of employability among young people. 

Celebrating artists tackling social and environmental issues

For World Creativity and Innovation Day, we commemorate the profound influence of human creativity in addressing local challenges, particularly those concerning social and environmental issues. Through mediums such as visual art, design, and architecture, we delve into the intricate beauty of our natural world and confront the impacts of human activity on our environment.

A just transition: integrating sustainability and inclusion

Our environmental efforts centre around the concept of a just transition, ensuring that we don’t leave anyone behind as we move towards sustainability. This means considering the social impact of our actions and catering to the diverse needs of our communities.

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