Arkangel AI: Revolutionising healthcare with artificial intelligence

Arkangel AI is transforming the healthcare sector through innovative AI models. By enhancing access to early diagnosis and expediting the adoption of new technologies, Arkangel AI aims to reduce health disparities in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Their work, now implemented in over 300 hospitals across 18 countries, positively impacts millions by optimising healthcare processes and facilitating digital transformation.

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Arkangel AI, an innovative AI service platform, has been a proud member of Impact Hub Medellín since 2021. The company focuses on transforming data into artificial intelligence models specifically designed for the healthcare industry. Their mission is to enhance access to healthcare, facilitate early diagnosis, and expedite the adoption of new technologies by leveraging the basic installed capacities of each region. This initiative aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those aimed at reducing health disparities and promoting global well-being.


From its inception, Arkangel AI has been dedicated to refining its AI models, evolving into a sophisticated algorithm capable of autonomously generating AI solutions. Initially, the company focused on traditional AI technologies such as computer vision, advanced object recognition, and health imaging. They then expanded their expertise to include tabular data analysis for predictive modeling and pattern recognition, along with natural language processing.


Today, Arkangel AI’s models are adept at creating Generative AI, optimising healthcare processes throughout the entire patient care pathway. The company is also actively exploring and validating the potential of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in Human-AI collaboration, particularly as assistants in scientific healthcare research.

Arkangel AI’s impact on local communities has been substantial. The company specialises in identifying and addressing key challenges faced by healthcare institutions, both in medical and administrative areas. By automating the transformation of data into AI models, Arkangel AI enables these institutions to create tailored AI solutions for their unique challenges. This approach ensures that the models are adoptable, scalable, and deliver significant value within their specific environments and contexts. Their platform integrates seamlessly with any system, leading to solutions that are 20 times more scalable, 15 times more profitable, and 10 times faster.


Currently, Arkangel AI collaborates with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and insurance providers across various medical fields such as oncology, cardiology, respiratory diseases, and rare conditions. These AI models are now being implemented in more than 300 hospitals, impacting over 68 million people across 18 countries. Their work has significantly enhanced access to information and healthcare services in different regions, promoting the prevention and diagnosis of various health pathologies. This success has encouraged many stakeholders to embrace digital transformation through Arkangel AI’s models.

Arkangel AI exemplifies the transformative power of artificial intelligence in healthcare. By addressing critical healthcare challenges and promoting digital transformation, they have made a profound impact on millions of lives. Their dedication to refining AI models and exploring new frontiers in AI technology ensures that they remain at the forefront of healthcare innovation. As Arkangel AI continues to grow and expand its influence, it serves as an inspiration for other organisations and communities to adopt more advanced, scalable, and impactful AI solutions.


This article was presented in collaboration with Impact Hub Medellín

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