Empowering civil society: Digital PRO's commitment to digital transformation

Digital PRO, co-founded by Özgür Kurtuluş and Özgür Mehmet Kütküt, equips civil society organisations (CSOs), cooperatives, and social enterprises with customised digital solutions. As active members of Impact Hub Ankara, they have dedicated themselves to democratising access to information and enhancing digital literacy, particularly for disadvantaged groups. Their efforts are revolutionising the digital landscape for the social impact sector.

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Digital PRO is on a mission to ensure that the civil society ecosystem stays current with the latest information and communication technologies. By offering customised digital solutions, they enable organisations to serve their beneficiaries more efficiently. Co-founders Özgür Kurtuluş and Özgür Mehmet Kütküt bring a wealth of experience and dedication to this social enterprise. 


Targeting CSOs, cooperatives, and social enterprises, Digital PRO exemplifies digital transformation and capacity building within the social impact and innovation field. The content, books, and toolkits they produce democratise access to crucial information, empowering organisations to better achieve their missions.


By offering pro-bono services, Digital PRO especially supports grassroots and local civic organisations, significantly contributing to societal development. Their social responsibility projects are designed to enhance the digital literacy skills of disadvantaged groups, ensuring that everyone in the community can benefit from the advantages of digital technologies.

Accessibility to information is a core value for Digital PRO. Their collaboration with the Civil Society Development Center (STGM) led to the implementation of STOK training sessions, which are now available as open-source content on YouTube. This initiative makes valuable knowledge accessible to a broader audience, promoting widespread digital literacy.


Digital PRO specialises in capacity building across various critical areas, including digital transformation processes, communication and governance, artificial intelligence literacy, content creation, and brand and communication strategies. Their expertise provides CSOs and social enterprises with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in a digital world.


Continuing their efforts to enhance the civil society ecosystem digitally, Digital PRO remains committed to prioritising the accessibility of information for all. By leveraging their expertise and resources, they are driving significant positive change, ensuring that digital technology benefits reach every corner of society.


This article was presented in collaboration with Impact Hub Ankara.

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