A just transition: integrating sustainability and inclusion

Our environmental efforts centre around the concept of a just transition, ensuring that we don’t leave anyone behind as we move towards sustainability. This means considering the social impact of our actions and catering to the diverse needs of our communities.

Impact Hub Ljubljana: emerging tech-driven entrepreneurs in Slovenia

Four outstanding winners of the Social Impact Award (SIA) Slovenia are cultivating social entrepreneurship and driving positive change through innovative tech solutions aimed at tackling diverse environmental and social challenges. Co-organized by Impact Hub Ljubljana, these initiatives are paving the way for a brighter future in Slovenia.

Impact Hub Bradford: journey in inclusive innovation

Impact Hub Bradford is addressing the needs of marginalised communities through their many initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion innovation. Participants leave their programmes equipped with the tools and networks necessary for sustainable growth and success, demonstrating Impact Hub Bradford’s dedication to making a lasting impact in their community.

In solidarity with Professor Muhammad Yunus

Impact Hub Network firmly stands in solidarity with Professor Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, currently faced with unfair charges and continuous judicial harassment. We emphatically call for the proceedings concerning Grameen Telecom’s labour practices to be conducted fairly, equitably, and free from harassment.

Transforming lives through skill development: TSWINI’s inspirational journey

Chisom Nwankwo, founder of The Skilled Women Initiative (TSWINI), began with a vision to empower Nigeria’s internally displaced persons (IDPs) through skills training. Evolving from hat-making to a diverse range of skills, TSWINI’s impact has reached over 1,200 beneficiaries in Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda.

sefit: revolutionising exposure therapy through virtual reality

sefit, a pioneering startup founded by Elena Börlin in September 2022, addresses the challenges faced by individuals with impaired stimulus filtering. Recognising the unmet need, sefit employs innovative technology, including virtual reality (VR) and gamification, to make exposure therapy accessible and empower individuals to navigate everyday situations seamlessly.

Impact Hub Taipei: fuelling a virtuous circle of impact

Impact Hub Taipei’s 2030 Impact Accelerator is making waves in Taiwan’s entrepreneurial landscape by launching its first global impact accelerator. This initiative invites forward-thinking businesses to join a comprehensive programme offering capacity-building, mentoring sessions, and strategic connections.

Sanitation for a healthier tomorrow

FLUSH, a sanitation-solutions and women-owned business, is a proud member of Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area, a collaboration that amplifies their collective impact on transforming the role of sanitation in healthy, thriving societies.

Inclusive entrepreneurship in the fashion industry

Moving Mood, founded by Rut Turró, is a venture in the fashion industry that began as a clothing line addressing the needs of people with reduced mobility. Evolving beyond conventional adaptive clothing, Moving Mood has transformed into a multifaceted research and consulting partner for the fashion sector, specialising in inclusive fashion.

Circularity in action: transforming industries in Romania

Two inspiring entrepreneurs from Romania, Laura Chiriac and Irina Moreno, collectively emerged as role models for impactful and innovative change. Both alumni of the Romania ClimAccerator 2022, their ventures serve as examples of the transformative potential embedded in circular principles.

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