Our code of conduct

For how we show up in the world and to each other.

Impact Hub's Code of Conduct reflects our ethical standards derived from founding agreements, identity, and norms. It upholds our impact commitment through the dual lenses of environmental responsibility and diversity, equity, inclusion and the policies that guard the integrity of our work and conduct.

Our ethical standards

Impact Hub’s Global Code of Conduct embodies the ethical standards upheld by all members of our Association. While adherence to these aspirational standards may not always be easily measured, it reflects our shared expectations as professionals and business partners. 


Impact Hubs, as independent entities in diverse contexts, are urged to align with our global ethics and are encouraged to adapt to local policies and realities. All Network and Team members must obey the law in accordance with the jurisdiction of the place in which they reside and wherever they travel.

Our values

We aspire to ensure that the highest standards are consistently maintained amongst our Members, while they are engaging in Network activities and when representing the Network or wider impact-making community.


The shared values of our Association are:


  • Trust. Members trust each other to do what they say they do. There may be different approaches but an underlying positive intention and set of values are shared.
  • Collaboration. Members hold collaboration at the core of solving the issues of our time. Members welcome diversity and the Association may partner with like-minded organisations to make a meaningful difference.
  • Courage. Members have the courage to walk the path less travelled, honouring the past and pioneering new solutions.

Our impact-first commitment


To combat the climate crisis, we support impact entrepreneurs and collaborate on societal transition goals like sustainable food systems, circular value chains, and achieving net-zero emissions. We also lead by example, greening our spaces, partnering with Impact Makers for positive environmental ventures, and initiating programmes with partners.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Committed to reducing inequalities, we work with diverse impact entrepreneurs, making support accessible for underrepresented groups. We set representation and equity targets, ensuring our teams reflect local diversity. Actively engaging underrepresented voices, we educate ourselves to foster a culture of inclusion across our Network.

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