Harnessing the collective wisdom of 25,000+ Impact Makers to drive social and environmental transformation at events and conferences worldwide.

Engage and draw inspiration from a diverse array of thought leaders, industry experts, community champions, and Impact Makers spanning the globe.

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50 +


Impact experiences that inspire change

Embark on a journey of profound change led by our carefully chosen speakers and facilitators. Drawing from diverse knowledge and perspectives, our conference and workshop experiences go beyond inspiration – they spark actionable change and foster lasting positive transformation. Engaging keynote talks lay the foundation for impactful ideas, while thought-provoking panel discussions provoke reflection. Connect with fellow Impact Makers and empower your event with tools and inspiration to shape a brighter future.

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Enhance social and environmental influence

Enrich your event with global community synergy, expert insights, innovation, and unwavering commitment, showcasing your leadership in social and environmental impact.

Unlock and fuel impact entrepreneurship

Elevate your event with inspiring talks, workshops, and creative sessions that harness the power of impact entrepreneurship, fostering tangible positive change.

Inspire with authentic storytelling

Illuminate the path to social and environmental transformation with concrete examples, authentic stories and diverse perspectives from 112+ Impact Hubs worldwide.

Amplify impact communications

Leverage our Network’s unified voice to broaden reach, ignite enthusiasm, and mobilise a wider audience, leaving an enduring imprint on your event’s success.

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How we share our expertise

Keynote talks & panels

Our experts share insights, ignite impactful discussions, and exchange inspiration, shaping the trajectory of change.

Brainstorm facilitation

Cultivate creativity through expert facilitation, nurturing innovative solutions and encouraging breakthroughs.

Booth experience

Engage visitors with interactive displays, immersive demos, and meaningful conversations that drive home your message.

Mentoring sessions

Embark on guided sessions led by seasoned mentors, unlocking transformative learning journeys and unleashing untapped potential.

Creative collaborations

Tap into diverse perspectives and co-create novel ideas that propel your mission forward.

Impact communications

Unite to amplify your message, reaching wider audiences and maximising the ripple effect of your impact.

Our keynote speakers

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