VerdeNovo: Sowing seeds of change in the Cerrado

Bárbara’s business, VerdeNovo, enhances the conservation efforts of the Cerrado by focusing on the collection and commercialisation of native seeds for the restoration of degraded areas. Based in Brasília, VerdeNovo offers over 150 species, including Ipê-verde and Jacarandá, and provides consultancy services. Through her startup, Bárbara aims to combat the impoverishment of those living in the Cerrado, ensuring both social and environmental sustainability.

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Bárbara’s innovative business, VerdeNovo, is dedicated to enhancing the conservation of the Cerrado while supporting its inhabitants. Her startup specialises in the impact-driven collection and commercialisation of native seeds, aimed at restoring degraded areas. With a base in Brasília, VerdeNovo offers a diverse range of over 150 species, including notable varieties like Ipê-verde and Jacarandá. Additionally, they provide consultancy services to further their mission of environmental restoration.


VerdeNovo’s mission is to combat the impoverishment of those living in the Cerrado by using native seeds as a means of economic and social improvement. The business seeks to create a sustainable and beneficial link between urban areas and the Cerrado, ensuring that both environments and their inhabitants can thrive.


Bárbara recognises the need to shift the social imagination that often portrays the inhabitants of flora-rich regions like the Cerrado as indigenous people living in sub-human conditions. Instead, she aims to highlight the value and diversity of the Cerrado’s biomes and the potential for social change through the use of native seeds.


Bárbara’s involvement with Impact Hub Brasília has been instrumental in VerdeNovo’s growth. She participated in the Impacta Cerrado programme, a pre-acceleration initiative for impact businesses operating in the Federal District. This programme generated numerous opportunities for local entrepreneurs, and Bárbara has since embraced further programmes and challenges that have significantly propelled her business forward.

VerdeNovo has successfully positioned itself as a key player in the restoration of the Cerrado biome. Their business model supports environmental sustainability while empowering local seed collectors by improving their quality of life. However, one significant challenge they face is the precarious working conditions of these collectors. Initially, large landowners offered Bárbara seeds, raising concerns about the quality of life for the farm employees collecting them. VerdeNovo recognised that their impact would be meaningless without genuinely improving the lives of those on the other end of the supply chain.


Looking ahead, VerdeNovo aims to maintain a close and transparent relationship with seed collectors, balancing social impact with business growth. They plan to expand their reach and impact, ensuring more communities benefit from the sustainable use of native seeds. By continuing to prioritise fair and transparent practices, VerdeNovo seeks to uphold its mission of fostering both social and environmental sustainability.


VerdeNovo exemplifies the successful integration of social and environmental goals within a business framework. By addressing the needs of both urban and rural areas, they create a symbiotic relationship that fosters growth and sustainability. The key takeaway from VerdeNovo’s journey is the importance of maintaining genuine impact through transparent and fair practices. To support VerdeNovo and similar initiatives, consider engaging with local environmental projects or exploring opportunities to promote sustainable business models.

This article was presented in collaboration with Impact Hub Brasília

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