adidas Community Lab: Empowering latino/a/e social entrepreneurs in Portland

The 2023 adidas Community Lab, in collaboration with Impact Hub, supports Black and Latino/a/e social entrepreneurs by providing resources, funding, and mentorship. This year’s programme graduated eight participants, each receiving $75,000 in funding. The programme concluded with a pitch competition, awarding additional funding to three winners: $25,000 for first place, $10,000 for second, and product and partnership support for third.

Ardook’s mission to transform lives through sustainable employment for single mothers

Ardook, founded by Shogher Atanesyan, is an Armenia-based social enterprise dedicated to providing sustainable income to single mothers caring for disabled children by offering flexible employment opportunities through laundry services. Ardook has quickly made an impact by empowering these mothers with jobs that allow them to balance work with caregiving responsibilities.

Building a thriving Armenia through sustainable tourism: the journey of ONEArmenia

Founded in 2012, ONEArmenia (1A) has been on a mission to build a thriving Armenia by funding sustainable projects with radical transparency at the heart of their efforts. Among the first organisations to join Impact Hub Yerevan in 2016, 1A and its community of over 100,000 supporters have successfully implemented more than 35 socio-economic projects in rural Armenia.

AMADPOC: Pioneering migration research and policy dialogue in sub-Saharan Africa

AMADPOC is an independent research consulting firm dedicated to assisting governments and other migration stakeholders in understanding migration dynamics through research. Their work informs policy processes and identifies innovative solutions to address key migration issues while capitalising on the developmental potential of migration in sub-Saharan Africa.

Rethread Africa: Transforming agricultural waste into sustainable fashion solutions

Rethread Africa is a sustainable materials startup dedicated to transforming the fashion industry by converting agricultural waste from smallholder farmers into carbon-neutral biomaterials. Founded as a university project, Rethread Africa, a valued member of Impact Hub Nairobi, has grown to secure partnerships and attract interest from industry leaders and global fashion brands.

Three decades of impact: Sair da Casca’s journey to sustainability

Since its inception in 1994, Sair da Casca has been at the forefront of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in Portugal. As the first consulting firm in the country to specialise in these areas, Sair da Casca offers comprehensive analyses and innovative strategies to help businesses navigate their societal impact.

Saghar Hamidzade’s inspiring journey of empowerment at Impact Hub Lisbon

Saghar Hamidzade, a dedicated entrepreneur in the social sector, has found her home and community at Impact Hub Lisbon since joining in 2022. With a background in technology consulting and humanitarian work, Saghar co-founded Nectar Consulting, a women-led firm offering tech services to social impact organisations, and SOMA Cultura, an association supporting migrant musicians in Lisbon.

Pearl Jars: Crafting sustainable solutions in Lisbon’s entrepreneurial hub

Lukas Boettger, Director of Pearl Jars, has found a home for his innovative lifestyle brand within the vibrant community of Impact Hub Lisbon. Since joining in 2020, Lukas has spearheaded Pearl Jars’ mission to deliver healthy and eco-friendly packaging solutions for everyday household products. Through collaboration and dedication to sustainability, Pearl Jars has become a beacon of innovation in Lisbon’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Environmental Champions: Restoring Colombia’s ecosystems and empowering communities

Impact Hub Medellín proudly supports innovative social enterprises committed to environmental sustainability and community empowerment. Among their distinguished members are Amazonía Emprende and Samaná, two enterprises that exemplify their mission. These organisations focus on forest conservation and ecosystem restoration in Colombia, each bringing unique solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

Arkangel AI: Revolutionising healthcare with artificial intelligence

Arkangel AI is transforming the healthcare sector through innovative AI models. By enhancing access to early diagnosis and expediting the adoption of new technologies, Arkangel AI aims to reduce health disparities in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Their work, now implemented in over 300 hospitals across 18 countries, positively impacts millions by optimising healthcare processes and facilitating digital transformation.

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