Navigating new horizons: Filiboosta's collaborative success at Impact Hub Florence

Cesare Manni, Annarita Bonanata, Valentina Cangiamila, and Eduardo Bartali, digital specialists and proud members of Impact Hub Florence since 2019, formed Filiboosta. This collective of web artisans combine their diverse skills to create customised software, interactive portals, and compelling web designs, exemplifying the strength of teamwork in overcoming freelance isolation.

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In the dynamic environment of Impact Hub Florence, four talented freelancers—Cesare Manni, Annarita Bonanata, Valentina Cangiamila, and Eduardo Bartali brought together their unique skills as web developers, 3D artists, social media managers, and art directors, to form Filiboosta. This shared vision transcended their individual careers. By integrating their expertise, they set out to demonstrate that a united group of freelancers can achieve far more than individuals working in isolation.


Freelancing often involves solitary work and fierce competition. Recognising this, Filiboosta’s mission became clear: to fight freelance isolation and foster a collaborative spirit among digital professionals. They envisioned themselves as sailors steering the same ship, navigating the turbulent waters of the digital market together. This collaborative approach enhanced their creative output and provided a support system, turning competitors into colleagues.


Impact Hub Florence played a crucial role in Filiboosta’s journey. It provided a vibrant atmosphere where their ideas could flourish and their dreams could take shape. The supportive community at the hub offered resources, networking opportunities, and a nurturing environment that enabled the team to thrive. Here, they found not just a workspace, but a breeding ground for innovation and collaboration.

Since its inception, Filiboosta has achieved remarkable success. They have secured more jobs, attracted larger clients, and delivered high-quality digital solutions. Their collaborative model has proven effective, allowing them to tackle more complex projects and expand their client base. Their work has been recognised for its creativity and precision, setting a benchmark in the digital industry.


While their journey has been rewarding, it hasn’t been without challenges. Learning to work as a cohesive team requires patience, understanding, and effective communication. Balancing individual creativity with collective goals was a delicate art, but their shared vision and mutual respect helped them navigate these challenges successfully.


Filiboosta’s journey is far from over. They aim to expand their team, welcoming new talents who share their passion for digital craftsmanship. Their doors are always open to “cabin boys capable of weaving strings of code” and “buccaneers capable of managing social strategies.” They believe that each new member brings fresh perspectives and strengthens their collective sails.


Filiboosta’s story is a shining example of the magic that happens at Impact Hubs across the globe. We will continue to build spaces where collaboration, trust, and courage are not just values, but lived experiences. Here, dreams take flight, and individual aspirations transform into collective achievements. Filiboosta’s journey underscores the incredible power of teamwork, proving that together, we can navigate any horizon and achieve greatness.


This article was presented in collaboration with Impact Hub Florence.

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