Our Team

Our skills and personalities are as diverse as our locations, yet we are united by our common commitment to support the growth and well-being of our global network.

Impact Hub Company Team

Alberto Masetti Zannini

Global Programmes Director

Alberto joined Impact Hub Company as Global Programmes Director in January 2019. “I am based in London and work across a number of areas to help support the development of the network, the establishment of partnerships and donor-relations with UK-based funders and organisations, and the overall awesome growth of our association.In my spare time, I […]

Ana Carolina Andrade

Global Growth Coordinator

Carol is mainly responsible for the onboarding of new teams in our Network. If you are wondering how to bring an Impact Hub to your city, reach out to Carol! She joined the Impact Hub Network in 2016 as a maker at Impact Hub Floripanópolis. Overthere, she developed experience in events organizing, program design and […]

Aneta Quraishy

Global Programs Lead

Aneta has worked for international non-profit, cultural, research, human rights, and educational organizations such as the British Council, Amnesty International, Leeds City Council, and Cambridge University Press. Past roles include strategic leadership and program management, fundraising, portfolio planning, monitoring, evaluation and impact measurement, partnership development, and more recently organizational development and change management. Her special […]

Anna Arato

Global Host

As a Global Host within the Network Development team Anna supports the design, planning, delivery and coordination of capacity building activities and initiatives for the Network and for the team. She also works closely with the Association Board in governance related matters and is the bridge between the Network and the Board. Anna’s background lies […]

Anne Kathrin Merkle

WWF & Impact Hub Global Partnership Lead

Anne is the WWF & Impact Hub Global Partnership Lead focusing on the strategic partnerships between the two networks while also holding unique roles in each. In this hybrid role, she leads the implementation of Impact Hubs’ environmental strategy which spans from work with our Impact Hubs on the topic to climate global partnerships and […]

Beate Weinzinger

Growth Lead

Beate is, as our Network Development Coordinator, the go-to person when it comes to growing new Impact Hubs across the world. She is responsible for the overall onboarding process and its due diligence. Beate brings in her experience in Project Management, Event Design and Human Resources and Team Development. Do you have any questions related […]

Fatmata Alice Koroma

Global Technology Support

Fatmata started her role as a Tech Support in June 2019. She is a tech enthusiast and eager to learn. She currently pursues her degree at African Leadership University Rwanda where she studies Computer Science. Fatmata is also a huge fan of social business and likes to connect it with her expertise. She loves to […]

Flavia Ladino

Brand & Communications Lead

Having spent the past six years consolidating her experience in communications, brand and events management as well as partnerships development, Flavia found her true calling in Storytelling for impact. She’s passionate about helping businesses develop their online communication strategy and brand positioning through powerful storytelling. At Impact Hub, Flavia leads the internal communications strategy and […]

Gabriela Gandel

Executive Director

As an experienced leader of innovative global organisations, organisational and personal development consultant and experiential learning designer Gabriela is committed to building organisations and systems that enable people and planet to thrive and meaningful visions to get accomplished. She spent her last 10 years working as a manager or consultant with a mix of not […]

Justin Lyle

Global Programs Measurement Lead

Justin is passionate about understanding and scaling positive impact for people and planet, and helps the network build systems and skills for rigorous measurement and organisational learning in our global impact entrepreneur support programs. He was previously Advisor for Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning at People in Need, where he designed measurement and learning systems […]

Laura Smitheman

WWF & Impact Hub Project Manager

Laura’s passion for advancing socio-environmental goals through innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration has led her to support & bridge the very special worlds of Impact Hub and WWF in her PM role. At Impact Hub she enables the operational implementation of the network’s 2030 environmental strategy. While at WWF, she empowers WWF offices and communities to […]

Maria Trindade

Network Development Director

Maria is originally from Brazil but spent the last 12 years between Brazil and England (London). She joined the Impact Hub Network as Impact Hub King’s Cross- London Managing Director in 2012, before joining the Impact Hub network, Maria worked supporting the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem for the people on the base of the […]

Mariana Nunes

Global Development Coordinator

Mariana is our Global Development Coordinator. She is responsible for the new exciting programmes we are developing across the globe to foster social entrepreneurship and impact at scale. Mariana holds a Masters degree on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics and has a strong background on business and partnership development. Are […]

Marina Sarli

EU Cluster Coordinator

Marina was born in Potenza, Italy but she lives in Athens, Greece. She has been working as a volunteer and as a professional in the CSOs sector since ever. When she was 16 she had the first part-time contract as Environmental Educator. Since then, she has been working as project manager and general director for […]

Meet Muchhala

WWF & Impact Hub Project Manager

Meet is the Project Manager for WWF & Impact Hub partnership. At Impact Hub, he enables the operational implementation of the network’s 2030 environmental strategy. While at WWF, his focus lies in supporting and empowering WWF offices and communities to grow their innovation capacity. The meet is a strong advocate of socially conscious leadership, social […]

Nayla Attas

Programs & Partnerships Operations Manager

Nayla is a Senior Manager specialised in enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship for public and social impact. Based in London, she is currently Programs & Partnerships Operations Manager at Impact Hub Global Network where she manages a portfolio of global programs that support social entrepreneurs from idea generation to scaling their ventures. She is passionate about designing […]

Olga Okparaigwe

Global Technology Director

Olga joined Impact Hub Company as Global Technology Director in March 2020. Based in Prague, she worked all around the globe delivering IT programs. Olga is a Salesforce Enthusiast, explorer, traveler, authentic and she believes in diversity at the workplace. She is an all In Tech promoter, a Women In Tech Group Lead and a […]

Petr Skvaril

Business Development and Partnerships Director

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Petr has lived in the US, the Netherlands and currently commutes between Vienna and Prague. Before joining Impact Hub to manage global partnerships and fundraising, Petr worked in business development and innovation at Vodafone, leading a number of initiatives in mobile media, online services, ICT, and mHealth. Previously, […]

Petruta Stoica

Controlling & Reporting Lead

Born in Romania, Petruta spent her childhood in Bucharest. In 2006, she attended university at Bucharest University of Economic Studies, where she majored in Accounting and Management Information Systems. From 2004 until 2013 she was an accountant at Foundation Center for Economic Development ( CDE ), having a range of activities, from bookkeeping to microfinance […]

Sarah Stamatiou Nichols

Global Impact Strategy Director

Sarah is our Global Impact Strategy Director. She leads the global member survey and builds capacity for impact management across the network. Sarah is a co-founder of Impact Hub Vienna and has on-boarded new teams and managed network projects as associate over the past couple of years. She moved to the Bay Area 3 years […]

Tapiwa Nyandoro

Capacity Building Coordinator and Africa Host

Tapiwa is driven by the prospect of contributing to the creation of a better and more functional entrepreneurial ecosystem within Africa. He is a dedicated development practitioner with professional research and consulting experience spanning across over ten countries across Africa and beyond. Prior to joining the Impact Hub Harare team as a coordinator in September […]

Tom Johnson

Programs Capacity Builder

As Programs Capacity Builder Tom works with Impact Hubs and partners to develop and deliver entrepreneurial support initiatives for social entrepreneurs. This includes the co-creation of a curriculum and learning journey and the capacity building of Impact Hubs and organisations to deliver support initiatives within their local contexts – if this interests you then simply […]

Ulysse Coates

Global Tech Coordinator

Ulysse joined Impact Hub Company as Global Technology coordinator in March 2020. He loves to create websites and apps, and tries to make people’s life easier every day through technology and user experience. Ulysse has 6 years of practical experience working in startup environments and has also participated in a few Hackathons. He has won three hackathons, one focused on harnessing […]

Wendy van Leeuwen

Global Brand & Communications Director

Wendy joined Impact Hub Company as our Global Brand and Communications Director in March 2021. She leads our storytelling, digital marketing, media, and brand development initiatives. She is passionate about telling stories that inspire action to make an impact happen. She brings experience both as an impact entrepreneur herself, as a leader of corporate impact […]

Association Board

Alberto Cremonesi

Board Member

Pure energy, Alberto catalyzes people with his passion, breadth and depth of knowledge and huge network! A natural entrepreneur, with disruption at his core, Alberto rarely goes to sleep without having proposed at least one new idea a day to his fellow co-founders. Of Italian origin, Alberto has lived most of his professional life in […]

Katie Miller

Board Member

Katie has been with the Impact Hub family since 2012. She previously held roles as a volunteer host, Director of Operations and Finances, Director of Learning and Development. She is now Managing Director at Impact Hub Ottawa and Board Member of the Impact Hub Global Association assuming the role of Chair (Governance) and Chair of […]

Monica Hidalgo

Board Member

Monica is currently Executive Director and one of the founders for Impact Hub San Jose as well as part of the Global Association Board. As a Board Member she leads the Network Communications, engagement and brand areas. She is passionate about building innovative public private partnerships, ecosystem and community building, Design Thinking and innovation in […]

Patricia Lopez

Board Member

Patricia is member of the Global Association Board, overseeing Finance and Treasury.  She is also part of the Finance Committee Impact Hub Company. Salvadoran Social Entrepreneur with the vision of using entrepreneurial action to address social and environmental issues through innovative and financially sustainable business models that can be achieved through collaborative processes.  Passionate and […]