Salto Aceleradora: empowering Black women entrepreneurs

The impactful journey of Salto Aceleradora, a programme dedicated to accelerating and supporting small businesses, particularly those led by Black women in Florianópolis and São Paulo.

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Over 6 years ago, Salto Aceleradora emerged in the Florianópolis ecosystem with a mission to accelerate and support small businesses in the region. After several years of operation and impacting over 7,000 entrepreneurs, Salto Aceleradora has expanded to São Paulo with the significant purpose of accelerating the businesses of 1,400 black women from the outskirts of the city.


Salto Aceleradora prepares small entrepreneurs to accelerate the development of their businesses through a programme consisting of three stages, known as “leaps”:


Leap 1: Focused on the entrepreneur’s self-development

Leap 2: Focused on the business environment, market, and finances

Leap 3: Focused on growth, involving marketing and the creation of the sales pitch

Since 2023, the organisation has embarked on a journey of mapping, engaging, and connecting with the growing ecosystem of black women leading social entrepreneurship in the peripheries across the country. Recognising the challenges faced by female and black entrepreneurs, such as loneliness, workload, lack of digital strategy knowledge, and access to credit, Salto Aceleradora joined forces with J.P. Morgan to encourage financial independence through entrepreneurship.


In 2023, the programme impacted over 120 women, achieving an additional turnover of R$900.00 with two classes in only 3 months (the duration of the programme) and growing the maturity of businesses. Additionally, the programme helped entrepreneurs recognise themselves within society. To reach its specific audience and territory, the programme built a communication strategy based on maximum personalisation, utilising images of black women, community discussions, registration campaigns, and public announcements.


Salto Aceleradora aims to impact 1,400 entrepreneurs by 2024, continuing to build a network of partners committed to driving change.


This article is presented in collaboration with Impact Hub São Paulo.

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