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We are Impact Makers – the dreamers, doers, thinkers, and leaders committed to building a just and sustainable society.

Our collective purpose is clear: to build a regenerative economy where business and profit serve our people and the planet.

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We’re a worldwide network of 110+ Impact Hubs, driven by 25,000+ Impact Makers accelerating inclusive and sustainable innovation at scale. Built on trust, courage, and collaboration, we create an ecosystem for positive change. Through meaningful connections, we empower Impact Makers to address pressing social and environmental challenges in their local communities and beyond. Join us on this journey to shape a brighter and more hopeful future for all.


The time is now. The way is together.

Our impact journey


Seeds of change

In the year 2000, a group of passionate and idealistic graduates from United World College (UWC) Atlantic in Wales organised a groundbreaking millennium event at London’s Royal Festival Hall. They gathered influential figures, including Nobel Prize winners and even the Dalai Lama by video, to discuss pressing global issues.


Defying Convention

The impact of their event caught the attention of the United Nations World Summit, earning them a unique invitation to organise a side-summit to the upcoming World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2003. However, these visionary young Impact Makers chose to reject the traditional workshop format and venue and co-created a people’s summit in Soweto, where they collaborated with local activists who had turned a neglected wasteland into the inspiring Soweto Mountain of Hope (‘SoMoHo’), showcasing the power of community-driven change.


The first Impact Hub opens its doors

In 2005, with the experiences of the millennium event and SoMoHo still fresh in their minds and hearts, the group saw a growing need for a physical space where like-minded individuals could come together to connect and collaborate. Fuelled by their vision, they founded the first Impact Hub transforming a run-down London loft. Named ‘The Hub’ initially, this space became the nurturing ground for community-building, sustainable practices, and the perfect blend between activist passion and entrepreneurial ingenuity. The first habitat for social innovators was born.


Cultivating collaborative growth

As The Hub in London took root, like-minded others in other cities realised that the model had the potential to meet the needs of their local communities. They began to co-create a network of Impact Hubs, cultivating collaborative growth across cultures and contextualising the model through bottom-up participation of local impact makers as founding communities. As this network grew, each new Hub reflected the unique needs and challenges of its local community while sharing a common vision for systemic change in the world.


Empowering global impact 
In 2011, a significant milestone was reached with 15 Impact Hubs from around the world co-founding the Impact Hub Association. This enabled our Network to expand its global footprint, establishing 100+ Impact Hubs in 60+ countries. As the concept of ‘hub’ gained recognition, we rebranded from ‘The Hub’ to ‘Impact Hub,’ reinforcing our unwavering commitment to fostering positive social and environmental change through entrepreneurial action.


Vision 2030

As our Network advances into the future, our journey of transformation and impact remains boundless. Fueled by our values of trust, courage, and collaboration, we strive to create more meaningful connections and drive innovative solutions, paving the way for a radically better world. By 2030, we envision being beacons of the business of the future, harnessing diverse forces for good and collectively leading the impact economy to shape our present and future.

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