sefit: revolutionising exposure therapy through virtual reality

sefit, a pioneering startup founded by Elena Börlin in September 2022, addresses the challenges faced by individuals with impaired stimulus filtering. Recognising the unmet need, sefit employs innovative technology, including virtual reality (VR) and gamification, to make exposure therapy accessible and empower individuals to navigate everyday situations seamlessly.

Impact Hub Taipei: fuelling a virtuous circle of impact

Impact Hub Taipei’s 2030 Impact Accelerator is making waves in Taiwan’s entrepreneurial landscape by launching its first global impact accelerator. This initiative invites forward-thinking businesses to join a comprehensive programme offering capacity-building, mentoring sessions, and strategic connections.

Inclusive entrepreneurship in the fashion industry

Moving Mood, founded by Rut Turró, is a venture in the fashion industry that began as a clothing line addressing the needs of people with reduced mobility. Evolving beyond conventional adaptive clothing, Moving Mood has transformed into a multifaceted research and consulting partner for the fashion sector, specialising in inclusive fashion.

Impact Hub Zagreb: microentrepreneur support for Fierce Women Society

The launch of the Fierce Women Society is a collaborative initiative by K-zone and Impact Hub Zagreb, aimed at providing comprehensive support for micro-entrepreneurs of all genders. The partnership integrates the STARTER and ZALET programmes, focusing on training, mentoring, and personalised support to empower individuals, stimulate economic growth, and create resilient communities.

Circularity in action: social entrepreneurship in London

Masha Guyard and Alexander Rose, both graduates of the Circular Start-up programme by Impact Hub London supported by JPMorgan Chase, exemplify the transformative potential of circular solutions in addressing pressing social issues.

Momentum: empowering young migrant and refugee women

The Momentum project empowers young migrant and refugee women in the EU through innovative training programmes and collaborative initiatives. With a focus on advancing their integration into the workforce, Momentum is driving tangible social change, creating a more inclusive future for third-country national women.

Circularity Tales: a holistic approach to sustainability in Greece

ANKAA Project, co-founded by Line Didelot, integrates equitable education, employment, and sustainability. Through the ClimAccelerator programme by Impact Hub Athens, they’ve gained valuable tools and insights to offer educational programmes for vulnerable communities in Athens, positively impacting 1300 students to date.

GoDaddy’s New Roots: an initiative to empower underserved entrepreneurs

The New Roots programme, a collaboration between Impact Hub and GoDaddy, aims to bridge gaps in entrepreneurship by empowering underrepresented groups, including women, ethnic minorities, seniors, youth, migrants, and people with disabilities. The collaboration showcases the potential of entrepreneurship as a tool for social inclusion, demonstrating that tailored support can empower individuals from diverse backgrounds in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Accelerate2030: supporting women innovators

The disproportionate impact of climate change on women in developing economies underscores the urgent need for empowering them as leaders in sustainable solutions. Accelerate2030 initiated by Impact Hub Geneva is one such programme supporting women entrepreneurs towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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