Impact Hub Taipei: Fuelling a virtuous circle of impact

Impact Hub Taipei’s 2030 Impact Accelerator is making waves in Taiwan’s entrepreneurial landscape by launching its first global impact accelerator. This initiative invites forward-thinking businesses to join a comprehensive programme offering capacity-building, mentoring sessions, and strategic connections. 

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In a groundbreaking initiative, Impact Hub Taipei has launched its first global impact accelerator, the 2030 Impact Accelerator (2030IA), to foster a virtuous circle of impact.


This transformative programme invited forward-thinking businesses to join, offering a comprehensive package that includes capacity-building, mentoring sessions from sector experts, and strategic connections to international investors and organisations. Moreover, participants gain access to global partnership opportunities, creating a dynamic ecosystem for positive change.


Among the standout success stories of the 2030 Impact Accelerator are Sense Innovation and Donkey Move, both recipients of the Social Enterprise Revolving Fund Special Prize. This prestigious award provides crucial funds to these impactful startups, enabling them to expand and accelerate their growth.

Sense Innovation specialises in designing and developing innovative eye movement software tailored for children and ALS patients. This empowering technology opens new avenues for individuals with disabilities to connect and express themselves. Beyond the immediate impact on users’ lives, Sense Innovation’s work contributes significantly to advancing education equality.


Another remarkable recipient, Donkey Move, focuses on providing inclusive transportation services to support Taiwan’s rapidly growing elderly population. With a commitment to compassionate service, Donkey Move offers localised and integrated solutions that strengthen the transition process between service systems and rural areas. By prioritising seniors’ health and well-being, Donkey Move aligns its mission with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), making a meaningful contribution to societal progress.

The support provided by Impact Hub Taipei extends beyond the accelerator programme. Continuing to nurture the projects, Impact Hub Taipei helps build long-term relationships and provides access plans to different markets. This commitment underscores the organisation’s dedication to sustainable impact and ensures that the initiatives sparked within the accelerator have lasting effects on communities.


The success of the 2030 Impact Accelerator is further amplified by the strategic partnerships forged with key organisations and mentors. Notable partners include the Social Enterprise Revolving Fund, Phandeeyar, Angel Investment Network Indonesia, Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge, and Impact Hub Geneva. The inclusion of mentors from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region adds valuable expertise to the programme, enriching the learning and growth opportunities for participating businesses.


The 2030 Impact Accelerator by Impact Hub Taipei represents a positive change in Taiwan’s entrepreneurial landscape. By fueling a virtuous circle of impact, this programme not only supports and propels innovative startups like Sense Innovation and Donkey Move but also contributes to the broader mission of achieving sustainable development goals on a global scale. With ongoing support, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to fostering social innovation, the 2030IA is undoubtedly a catalyst for transformative change in Taiwan and beyond.

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