Impact Hub Zagreb: microentrepreneur support for Fierce Women Society

The launch of the Fierce Women Society is a collaborative initiative by K-zone and Impact Hub Zagreb, aimed at providing comprehensive support for micro-entrepreneurs of all genders. The partnership integrates the STARTER and ZALET programmes, focusing on training, mentoring, and personalised support to empower individuals, stimulate economic growth, and create resilient communities.

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In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, the role of micro-entrepreneurs is increasingly recognised as vital in shaping economies and communities. At the forefront of this acknowledgement is the Fierce Women Society hub, a new initiative launched by K-zone and supported by Impact Hub Zagreb. These organisations share a commitment to providing essential entrepreneurial support to individuals of all genders, including women, men, trans, and gender non-binary individuals, as well as organisations.


Bringing over 15 years of experience to the forefront, K-zone is a dedicated organisation in Croatia. Their focus is on creating spaces that foster affirmation, provide information, offer empowerment, facilitate education, and encourage networking, particularly for women, young people, LGBTIQ persons, and civil society organisations. Their commitment extends to anyone contributing to the establishment of a society grounded in gender equality and socially responsible action.


In line with their commitment to champion inclusivity, the Fierce Women Society was launched. Its overarching mission is to offer comprehensive support to individuals across the gender spectrum, thereby enhancing both their employability and entrepreneurial potential. 


This mission spurred a collaboration with Impact Hub Zagreb, incorporating two of its renowned programmes for entrepreneurs – STARTER and ZALET. This partnership signifies a shared vision between the organisations, aligning their intentions towards fostering inclusivity and empowerment in the realm of entrepreneurship.

Customised support system

Tailored explicitly for micro-entrepreneurs, STARTER and ZALET offer a bespoke scheme combining diagnostic assessments, education, mentoring, and a thriving community for budding and operating business owners.


The STARTER programme equips individuals to start impactful businesses. It includes five training modules covering idea creation, product development, finances, sales, and social change. Participants receive tasks and mentorship after each module and benefit from community meetups. Post-programme support for six months includes additional mentoring and monthly meetups. 

ZALET, on the other hand, adopts a diagnostic approach, crafting a tailored roadmap for each operating micro-entrepreneur. By identifying strengths and areas for growth, ZALET customises support to meet individual needs. The personalised approach is pivotal in maximising potential and overcoming challenges unique to micro-businesses. 


Beyond diagnostics, the mentoring component of ZALET is a cornerstone for success. Seasoned professionals offer guidance, share expertise, and provide invaluable insights, creating a nurturing environment for learning and growth. The sense of community fostered within this programme further encourages collaboration, networking, and mutual support among micro-entrepreneurs.


The collaboration between K-zone and Impact Hub Zagreb is poised to redefine the landscape for micro-entrepreneurs. This partnership aims not only to empower individuals but also to stimulate economic growth. The ultimate goal is to foster diverse, resilient, and thriving communities, creating a ripple effect that goes beyond individual success to positively impact the broader social and economic fabric. 


This article is presented in collaboration with Impact Hub Zagreb.


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