GoDaddy’s New Roots: an initiative to empower underserved entrepreneurs

The New Roots programme, a collaboration between Impact Hub and GoDaddy, aims to bridge gaps in entrepreneurship by empowering underrepresented groups, including women, ethnic minorities, seniors, youth, migrants, and people with disabilities. The collaboration showcases the potential of entrepreneurship as a tool for social inclusion, demonstrating that tailored support can empower individuals from diverse backgrounds in their entrepreneurial journeys.

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Entrepreneurship, a key driver of innovation and economic growth, plays a vital role in advancing social inclusion by creating job opportunities and alternative income streams. Despite its transformative potential, certain groups, including women, ethnic minorities, seniors, youth, migrants, and people with disabilities, remain underrepresented in the entrepreneurial landscape.


Recognising this gap, Impact Hub joined forces with GoDaddy for the third cohort of New Roots, a programme designed to equip underserved communities with the knowledge, training, and tools needed to turn their ideas into thriving ventures.


The New Roots programme was initially piloted in 2019 by Impact Hub London, focusing on supporting migrant and refugee entrepreneurs. In the following edition (2020-2021), it expanded to Germany through Impact Hub Munich, with a shift in target audiences.


London addressed entrepreneurs from Black, Asian, and minority ethnicities, while Munich provided support to women entrepreneurs, particularly mothers re-entering the job market. The current cohort maintains these targets, with Munich supporting Mompreneurs and London assisting entrepreneurs from diverse ethnic backgrounds in Camden & Islington.

Previous editions’ alumni played a crucial role in shaping the current programme. Their experiences and insights into the entrepreneurial journey laid the foundation and expectations for new participants. Notable alumni, such as Valerie Irish, have gone on to give back to the community through their ventures, which aim to engage people – especially the youth – to gain access to crafts. 


The New Roots programme emphasises personalised support to meet participants’ self-defined aspirations. It strengthens their entrepreneurial spirit through mentorship, business skills workshops, and peer networking. The focus on professional goals and encouraging entrepreneurship as a viable option for job market integration has yielded positive outcomes, even in the face of challenges posed by the pandemic.

Despite the additional challenges brought about by the pandemic, the 3rd edition of New Roots has demonstrated significant positive outcomes. The results are impressive, with 76% of participants reporting improved knowledge of product/service development. Confidence in refining actionable project ideas increased from 58% to 82% in Munich and from 47% to 83% in London. Notably, the percentage of participants understanding the next steps in their entrepreneurial journey increased from 5% to 53% in Munich and from 37% to 75% in King’s Cross.


The collaboration between Impact Hub and GoDaddy in the New Roots programme is exemplary in promoting entrepreneurship as a means of social inclusion. By addressing the specific needs of underserved communities and providing tailored support, the programme has shown that with the right resources and guidance, individuals from diverse backgrounds can successfully embark on and navigate their entrepreneurial journeys.

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