Better Incubation: bridging the gender gap in agriculture

Women face significant underrepresentation in top positions in European agricultural and livestock farms. The Better Incubation programme, led by Impact Hub and European-based partners aims to create a more inclusive entrepreneurial environment to bridge the gender gap.

Impact Hub Waikato: empowering indigenous entrepreneurs

In a town grappling with economic challenges and social disparities, Impact Hub Waikato is committed to fostering indigenous entrepreneurship and creativity. Through their innovative programmes, the community of Tokoroa were able to flourish and realise their creative potential.

Impact Hub Phnom Penh: amplifying voices through music

The team at NOW-Us! Impact Hub Phnom Penh embarked on an inspiring mission of empowerment, aiming to revolutionise the lives of their rightsholder groups through the NOW-Us! Award Cambodia project. Their ingenious idea: harnessing the transformative power of music.

Empreendedorismo 5.0: supporting seniors entrepreneurship in Portugal

Launched in 2020 by Instituto Pedro Nunes and inspired by successful European models, Empreendedorismo 5.0 is revolutionising the landscape for seniors in Portugal seeking entrepreneurial opportunities. In collaboration with Impact Hub and Better Incubation, this initiative supports seniors through a training and mentoring programme, providing essential tools and support for entrepreneurial success.

Unlocking the entrepreneurial potential of people with disabilities

In collaboration with ESADE Business School, the Aula de Emprendimiento programme by Fundación Prevent tackles the challenges encountered by individuals with disabilities in entrepreneurship. This comprehensive approach has been recognised by Impact Hub as a best practice for replication in fostering the inclusion of people with disabilities in the sector.

Pedaling towards empowerment and inclusivity

Hop On, a pioneering British Pakistani female-led non-profit organisation, is challenging gender norms and fostering empowerment in South Asian communities through its weekly cycling groups in Bradford, England. The organisation’s participation in Impact Hub Bradford’s programmes has been instrumental in magnifying Hop On’s impact by offering valuable support and resources to address the unique challenges faced by the community.

Four leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela

In a world grappling with urgent social and environmental challenges, Nelson Mandela’s leadership shines as a beacon of courage, resilience, and vision. Impact Hub, dedicated to fostering positive change, draws profound inspiration from Mandela’s remarkable journey. Join us as we delve into four pivotal leadership lessons gleaned from Mandela’s unwavering spirit.

Guide to understanding gender and pronouns

In our evolving world, language shapes understanding and social change. To embrace inclusivity, we explore gender, pronouns, and identities. Understanding diverse perspectives lets us create a compassionate, respectful, and inclusive society.

5 ways to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organisation

Embark on a journey of workplace transformation, where acknowledging biases and fostering collective commitment form the foundation of an empowered community. Explore top strategies whose impact extends beyond offices, shaping a world that values and embraces every individual’s story.

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