Inclusive entrepreneurship in the fashion industry

Moving Mood, founded by Rut Turró, is a venture in the fashion industry that began as a clothing line addressing the needs of people with reduced mobility. Evolving beyond conventional adaptive clothing, Moving Mood has transformed into a multifaceted research and consulting partner for the fashion sector, specialising in inclusive fashion.

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In the quest for a more inclusive entrepreneurial landscape, Impact Hub, in collaboration with the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN), The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA), and Caritas organisations, have taken strides to bring together experts and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. The initiative, part of the Better Incubation programme, aims to foster dialogue, exchange ideas, and explore strategies for making entrepreneurship accessible to migrants and refugees, people with disabilities, seniors, women, and youth.


The first virtual session of the programme, which unfolded in May 2021, showcased the commitment of individuals like Rut Turró, a social entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Turró, the founder of Moving Mood, has transformed her venture from a clothing line for people with reduced mobility into a research and consulting partner for the fashion industry, focusing on inclusive fashion.

In an insightful interview, Turró sheds light on her journey into entrepreneurship and the driving force behind her mission. Growing up, she aspired to emulate her mother’s role as a caretaker of the household. However, her perspective shifted when her family started a bakery in Barcelona, leading to long work hours for her parents. Witnessing this change, Turró realised that her true calling was to bring happiness to people’s lives.


Despite her parents’ entrepreneurial path, Turró initially resisted becoming an entrepreneur. The catalyst for her journey was the absence of job opportunities aligning social impact with fashion design. Frustrated by the limited options, she decided to bridge the gap herself, merging social impact, fashion, and design through her project, Moving Mood.

From frustration to innovation: the evolution of Moving Mood

Initially named Fit and Sit, Turró’s project focused on a clothing line for people permanently seated. However, she recognised early on that people preferred traditional brands, prompting a shift in strategy. Moving Mood emerged as a platform for research, product development, consulting, and education in the realm of inclusive fashion. Turró’s vision is to integrate accessibility into design collections, fostering a fashion industry that caters to the diverse needs of society.


Turró elaborates on the impact Moving Mood is making in the fashion industry. The venture strives to make all garments universally accessible, eliminating the need for specifically adapted lines. By training companies, design studios, and students, Moving Mood aims to build a more equal fashion industry with inclusive products and job opportunities. Turró highlights a notable achievement—an adaptation for an industrial sewing machine, enabling its use by people with physical disabilities.

The power of collaboration in women’s entrepreneurship

As a woman entrepreneur, Turró emphasises the strength derived from collaboration. Drawing from her experiences collaborating with other entrepreneurial women, she underscores the collective power of women supporting and empowering each other. Turró believes that shared understanding and camaraderie among women entrepreneurs contribute to their resilience and success.


In concluding the interview, Turró offers sage advice to entrepreneurs, irrespective of gender. Her counsel is simple yet profound: “Do something that makes you vibrate from every pore of your skin.” This resonates as a call to passion and authenticity even on her entrepreneurial journey.


Rut Turró’s story exemplifies the transformative potential of entrepreneurship in addressing societal needs and fostering inclusivity. As initiatives like the Better Incubation programme continue to champion inclusivity and diversity, Turró’s work is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to make a positive impact on the world.

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