Momentum: empowering young migrant and refugee women

The Momentum project empowers young migrant and refugee women in the EU through innovative training programmes and collaborative initiatives. With a focus on advancing their integration into the workforce, Momentum is driving tangible social change, creating a more inclusive future for third-country national women.

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In the wake of the global migration crisis, nearly 1 million young migrant and refugee women have sought refuge in the European Union since 2015. Among the myriad initiatives addressing the challenges faced by this vulnerable demographic, the Momentum project stands out as a beacon of hope and empowerment.


Established in January 2022, the Momentum project is dedicated to uplifting third-country national (TCN) women, with a special focus on migrants and refugees aged 18-35 in Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. 


Funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund (AMIF), this groundbreaking project has set its sights on dismantling barriers hindering access to vocational training opportunities. The ultimate goal is to equip participants with the educational and entrepreneurial skills crucial for navigating the competitive job market successfully.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Momentum’s strategy, with eleven partners playing a pivotal role in strategically leveraging resources and expertise. The Impact Hub Network serves as a crucial knowledge repository, providing vital support to the programme.


Momentum adopts a gender-sensitive approach, fostering collaboration among key stakeholders, including civil society organisations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, employment centres, educational institutions, and entrepreneurs from the social economy sector. This dynamic collaboration aims to generate impactful social change, acknowledging the multifaceted challenges faced by TCN women.

Spanning five countries, the initiative boasts an extensive network of 11 partners and has successfully engaged 133 women in comprehensive training programmes. What sets Momentum apart is its innovative approach, featuring 35 multi-stakeholder participatory labs. These labs create an inclusive environment for learning and collaboration, emphasising the importance of diverse perspectives in addressing the complex issues surrounding migration and integration.


One of the key successes of the Momentum Project lies in its ability to garner support from employers within the social economy sector. These employers actively participate in workshops focused on promoting the integration of women into the labour market. This collective effort strives to leave a lasting impact on the lives of TCN women, promoting empowerment and dismantling barriers to their socio-economic integration.

As the project progresses, Momentum remains unwavering in its commitment to championing social change and creating a more inclusive society. By providing tangible skills, fostering collaboration, and breaking down systemic barriers, the Momentum Project is sowing the seeds for a brighter future for young migrant and refugee women in the European Union. In doing so, it not only transforms individual lives but contributes to building a more diverse, empowered, and resilient society for all.

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