Saghar Hamidzade's inspiring journey of empowerment at Impact Hub Lisbon

Saghar Hamidzade, a dedicated entrepreneur in the social sector, has found her home and community at Impact Hub Lisbon since joining in 2022. With a background in technology consulting and humanitarian work, Saghar co-founded Nectar Consulting, a women-led firm offering tech services to social impact organisations, and SOMA Cultura, an association supporting migrant musicians in Lisbon. Through her passion for social impact and dedication to fostering connections, Saghar has become an inspiring force within the Impact Hub Lisbon community.

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Saghar’s journey at Impact Hub Lisbon is emblematic of the transformative power of community and collaboration in driving positive change. With a wealth of experience in humanitarian and international work, Saghar was drawn to Impact Hub to find a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to social impact. Through her active involvement and leadership, she inspires and connects with fellow entrepreneurs committed to making a difference in society.

At Nectar Consulting, Saghar leads a women-led team providing technology services to social impact organisations. Through their work, they empower nonprofits and social enterprises with the digital tools and strategies needed to maximise their impact and reach. Additionally, Saghar co-founded SOMA Cultura, an association supporting migrant musicians in Lisbon, providing them with resources and opportunities to showcase their talent and integrate into the local community.

Impact Hub Lisbon serves as a welcoming and inclusive coworking space for Saghar, where she has forged meaningful connections and collaborations. Through these connections, Saghar not only finds support and inspiration but also secures clients for her consulting company, furthering her mission of driving positive change through technology and social innovation.


This article was presented in collaboration with Impact Hub Lisbon.

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