sefit: revolutionising exposure therapy through virtual reality

sefit, a pioneering startup founded by Elena Börlin in September 2022, addresses the challenges faced by individuals with impaired stimulus filtering. Recognising the unmet need, sefit employs innovative technology, including virtual reality (VR) and gamification, to make exposure therapy accessible and empower individuals to navigate everyday situations seamlessly.

Inclusive entrepreneurship in the fashion industry

Moving Mood, founded by Rut Turró, is a venture in the fashion industry that began as a clothing line addressing the needs of people with reduced mobility. Evolving beyond conventional adaptive clothing, Moving Mood has transformed into a multifaceted research and consulting partner for the fashion sector, specialising in inclusive fashion.

Circularity in action: transforming industries in Romania

Two inspiring entrepreneurs from Romania, Laura Chiriac and Irina Moreno, collectively emerged as role models for impactful and innovative change. Both alumni of the Romania ClimAccerator 2022, their ventures serve as examples of the transformative potential embedded in circular principles.

Circularity in action: circular economy role models of Greece

Two enterprises in Greece, Tinos eco-lodge and Coffee-eco are at the forefront of the circular economy, revolutionising how businesses operate in the country. These initiatives highlight the transformative potential of innovative businesses in driving a more sustainable future.

ZEG Tbilisi Storytelling Festival: for stories that matter

Established in 2019, the ZEG Tbilisi Storytelling Festival is a creative collaboration showcasing Georgia’s culture and fostering transformative conversations among diverse professionals. Co-founded by Impact Hub Tbilisi and Coda Story, it strives to be an inclusive platform, earning global acclaim by 2023 and promising continued evolution in its mission for future narrative shaping.

Circularity in action: circular projects in Portugal

Rizoma and Studio 8 are pioneering ventures based in Portugal, each embodying a strong commitment to the principles of sustainability and the circular economy. These two success stories not only demonstrate the power of circular practices but also inspire mindful engagement with local culture and the pursuit of more inclusive, eco-friendly, and sustainable futures.

Impact Hub Zagreb: microentrepreneur support for Fierce Women Society

The launch of the Fierce Women Society is a collaborative initiative by K-zone and Impact Hub Zagreb, aimed at providing comprehensive support for micro-entrepreneurs of all genders. The partnership integrates the STARTER and ZALET programmes, focusing on training, mentoring, and personalised support to empower individuals, stimulate economic growth, and create resilient communities.

Circularity in action: social entrepreneurship in London

Masha Guyard and Alexander Rose, both graduates of the Circular Start-up programme by Impact Hub London supported by JPMorgan Chase, exemplify the transformative potential of circular solutions in addressing pressing social issues.

Circularity in action: sustainable innovations in Amsterdam

Reflower and Dik & Schil emerge as two pioneering businesses in Amsterdam to advance the circular economy through innovative solutions. Their steadfast dedication to circular principles is evident in their disruptive approach to the industry, where they actively reduce waste and ingeniously repurpose materials to infuse new life into their products.

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