ZEG Tbilisi Storytelling Festival: for stories that matter

Established in 2019, the ZEG Tbilisi Storytelling Festival is a creative collaboration showcasing Georgia’s culture and fostering transformative conversations among diverse professionals. Co-founded by Impact Hub Tbilisi and Coda Story, it strives to be an inclusive platform, earning global acclaim by 2023 and promising continued evolution in its mission for future narrative shaping.

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In 2019, the ZEG Tbilisi Storytelling Festival marked its place as the first-ever international storytelling festival in the region. Co-founded by Impact Hub Tbilisi and Coda Story, this collaboration took root in the fertile soil of shared ideas and creative synergies within the hub.


The festival’s vision is clear — to create an inclusive, cross-disciplinary event that would bring together individuals from diverse professions for conversations seldom explored. Georgia, with its rich cultural tapestry, played a pivotal role, acting as both a contributor to and beneficiary of the festival’s global dialogue. The goal was to showcase Georgia to the world and bring the world to Georgia, uniting some of the brightest and most innovative minds for a transformative, mind-expanding discourse.

Fast forward to 2023, and ZEG accomplished its mission. Described by speakers as one of the most “exciting and consequential events” on the global festival map, ZEG 2023 left participants inspired and remarked on the contribution of their personal growth.


The festival welcomed a plethora of world-class storytellers to Tbilisi, including Hollywood star Sean Penn, satirist extraordinaire Armando Iannucci, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Maria Ressa, leading Ukrainian and international journalists, filmmakers, philosophers, cartoonists, and global media executives. For three magical days, workshops, panels, conversations, and networking sessions fueled the collective imagination.


Looking ahead, the ZEG Tbilisi Storytelling Festival promises an even more immersive experience celebrating the profound power of storytelling. From June 21 to 23, 2024, the festival will once again converge leading professionals and thinkers from nearly every industry, collectively exploring how narratives can be crafted to shape the future.

The name ‘ZEG’ itself encapsulates the festival’s essence, translating to ‘the day after tomorrow’ in Georgian. It symbolises the core mission of ZEG — to discover and narrate the stories that will resonate and matter for the day after tomorrow. As ZEG continues to evolve, it stands to be a transformative impact of shared ideas, creative collaborations, and the unifying force of storytelling.

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