Circularity in action: transforming industries in Romania

Two inspiring entrepreneurs from Romania, Laura Chiriac and Irina Moreno, collectively emerged as role models for impactful and innovative change. Both alumni of the Romania ClimAccerator 2022, their ventures serve as examples of the transformative potential embedded in circular principles.

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At the heart of the CirculUP! project lies a compelling mission – to spotlight and celebrate pioneering entrepreneurs within the Impact Hub Network, who exemplify the principles of the circular economy. By sharing their journeys, our goal is to boost awareness and promote the adoption of a circular economy in Armenia, catalysing a transformative shift toward sustainability.

In the dynamic landscape of the circular economy, two inspiring entrepreneurs from Romania, Laura Chiriac, from Laura and Wine, and Irina Moreno, from 3WLABEL, stand out for their impactful and innovative contributions. Their ventures not only redefine traditional models in design and fashion but also align seamlessly with Impact Hub Bucharest’s mission of fostering sustainable change. 


Impact Hub Bucharest takes pride in supporting entrepreneurs like Laura and Irina, who, through their pioneering ventures, exemplify the transformative potential of circular principles. Collectively, they are rewriting industry and economic norms, propelling us towards a more responsible and sustainable world.


Both Laura and Irina were part of Romania ClimAccerator 2022, the Greentech acceleration programme organised with the support of EIT Climate-KIC, the main climate innovation initiative by Impact Hub Bucharest and main partners Raiffeisen Bank Romania and OMV Petrom, as well as Innovation Starter in Bulgaria. 

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Laura & Wine

Laura Chiriac, the visionary behind Laura and Wine, has woven sustainability into every aspect of her venture. Crafting wine glasses from recycled glass, each piece embodies a second life, disrupting the traditional single-use model.  


Handmade in Bucharest, these unique creations appeal to design enthusiasts, showcasing the beauty that arises when circular principles meet artistic innovation. In addition to Laura and Wine glasses already embodying a second life, they also distinguish themselves with exceptional durability and design compared to other products in the market. Laura’s commitment illustrates how circular design can breathe new life into everyday objects, minimising environmental impact. 


“In addition to the short-term contribution through glass recycling and the use of materials already existing in the economic cycle, my long-term plan is to find alternative methods for melting glass and to contribute (through parallel research with the business) to increasing the use of recycled materials in production in Romanian factories.” – Laura Chiriac, founder of Laura & Wine. 

Model Ana Maria Bucura wearing 3WLABEL. Photographed by Felicia Simion. Image via


Irina Moreno is the founder of 3WLABEL, a transformative force in the fashion industry. By utilising pre-consumer waste from Romanian clothing factories, 3WLABEL creates elegant, timeless clothing. Irina’s venture challenges the post-consumer waste narrative by addressing excess material at the production stage.  


This not only redefines fashion’s supply chain but also champions the cause of ethical and sustainable production. Irina’s approach exemplifies how circular principles can revolutionise the entire lifecycle of fashion, from inception to the consumer’s wardrobe.  


“When discussing sustainability in fashion, the focus is often on reducing post-consumer waste (worn clothing). 3WLABEL was born out of the desire to reduce pre-consumer textile waste. Our products are made from unused material remnants (bale ends) from clothing factories in Romania. Moreover, unlike existing brands, we do not work with stock: products are made only upon customer request, ensuring that the business itself does not contribute to waste production. Each 3WLABEL garment is made to order and individually numbered in very limited series.” – Irina Moreno, Founder of 3WLabel. 

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In unison, Laura and Irina’s innovative endeavours embody the essence of Circular Economy principles. Laura’s handcrafted glassware and Irina’s chic clothing line collectively contribute to a more sustainable future and inspire like-minded entrepreneurs.  


This article is presented in collaboration with Impact Hub Bucharest.


The CirculUP! project in Armenia is a transformative initiative spearheaded by the collaborative efforts of the Impact Hub Network, Impact Hub Yerevan, and the Environment and Health NGO, with support from the European Union in Armenia

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