Momentum: empowering young migrant and refugee women

The Momentum project empowers young migrant and refugee women in the EU through innovative training programmes and collaborative initiatives. With a focus on advancing their integration into the workforce, Momentum is driving tangible social change, creating a more inclusive future for third-country national women.

Circularity Tales: a holistic approach to sustainability in Greece

ANKAA Project, co-founded by Line Didelot, integrates equitable education, employment, and sustainability. Through the ClimAccelerator programme by Impact Hub Athens, they’ve gained valuable tools and insights to offer educational programmes for vulnerable communities in Athens, positively impacting 1300 students to date.

Circularity Tales: tackling the problem of single-use cups in Spain

Irri Sarri, spearheaded by visionary entrepreneur Ander Alvarez, stands at the forefront of the global movement towards a circular economy, combatting the environmental repercussions of single-use plastic. Through active participation in Impact Hub Donostia’s global pilot programme, Irri Sarri evolved from a reusable cup solution to a comprehensive exploration of their entire product lifecycle.

Circularity Tales: bringing sustainable fashion to Spanish markets

EKOMODO, led by CEO Aritz Gartzia Segurola, is a San Sebastian-based venture founded in 2019 with a profound commitment to empowering individuals and organisations in creating a more sustainable world through innovative and eco-conscious fashion. Their holistic approach to sustainable fashion underscores the potential for style and environmental responsibility to coexist harmoniously in the pursuit of a better world.

Circularity Tales: tackling the waste problem in coffee industries

KAFEA.ECO, a company committed to revolutionising the coffee industry with a focus on addressing the environmental impact of waste materials, particularly coffee capsules, is at the forefront of circular economy practices. With a circular mindset from inception, the company aims to implement its system nationwide and beyond, emphasising the importance of circular thinking in business practices.

Circularity Tales: accelerating green impact in Barcelona

The inaugural edition of “Raíz,” organised by Impact Hub Barcelona, showcased a diverse cohort of innovative startups committed to integrating circularity principles into their business models. The five participating startups of the programme were provided valuable training and facilitated meaningful connections, contributing to the overall success and impact of these ventures.

GoDaddy’s New Roots: an initiative to empower underserved entrepreneurs

The New Roots programme, a collaboration between Impact Hub and GoDaddy, aims to bridge gaps in entrepreneurship by empowering underrepresented groups, including women, ethnic minorities, seniors, youth, migrants, and people with disabilities. The collaboration showcases the potential of entrepreneurship as a tool for social inclusion, demonstrating that tailored support can empower individuals from diverse backgrounds in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Accelerate2030: supporting women innovators

The disproportionate impact of climate change on women in developing economies underscores the urgent need for empowering them as leaders in sustainable solutions. Accelerate2030 initiated by Impact Hub Geneva is one such programme supporting women entrepreneurs towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Better Incubation: bridging the gender gap in agriculture

Women face significant underrepresentation in top positions in European agricultural and livestock farms. The Better Incubation programme, led by Impact Hub and European-based partners aims to create a more inclusive entrepreneurial environment to bridge the gender gap.

Impact Hub communities in Türkiye: uniting for resilience

In the wake of the 2023 earthquake that struck Türkiye, Impact Hub communities in Türkiye demonstrated the power of collective action in response to a devastating crisis. This is the story of their collaborative action, emphasising both short-term and long-term interventions with a focus on building back better.

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