Environmental Champions: Restoring Colombia’s ecosystems and empowering communities

Impact Hub Medellín proudly supports innovative social enterprises committed to environmental sustainability and community empowerment. Among their distinguished members are Amazonía Emprende and Samaná, two enterprises that exemplify their mission. These organisations focus on forest conservation and ecosystem restoration in Colombia, each bringing unique solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

Arkangel AI: Revolutionising healthcare with artificial intelligence

Arkangel AI is transforming the healthcare sector through innovative AI models. By enhancing access to early diagnosis and expediting the adoption of new technologies, Arkangel AI aims to reduce health disparities in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Their work, now implemented in over 300 hospitals across 18 countries, positively impacts millions by optimising healthcare processes and facilitating digital transformation.

Energía Vectorial: Pioneering electric vehicle transformation in Latin America

Energía Vectorial, a member of Impact Hub Medellín since 2019, is revolutionising urban mobility in Latin America with innovative electric vehicle (EV) conversion technologies. By converting internal combustion engine vehicles into electric vehicles, Energía Vectorial targets commercial fleets to significantly reduce urban pollution and operational costs. Their work extends vehicle life, aligns with sustainable development goals, and promotes cleaner city environments, making a profound impact on local communities.

Instituto +58: Empowering Venezuelan immigrants in Brasília

Instituto +58 is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the socio-economic and cultural integration of vulnerable Venezuelan refugees in Brasília, Brazil. By focusing on labour insertion and sociocultural support, Instituto +58 empowers Venezuelan immigrants, providing them with the tools for a self-sufficient life. Their comprehensive assistance includes legal documentation, healthcare access, social support, and skill-building programmes.

VerdeNovo: Sowing seeds of change in the Cerrado

Bárbara’s business, VerdeNovo, enhances the conservation efforts of the Cerrado by focusing on the collection and commercialisation of native seeds for the restoration of degraded areas. Based in Brasília, VerdeNovo offers over 150 species, including Ipê-verde and Jacarandá, and provides consultancy services. Through her startup, Bárbara aims to combat the impoverishment of those living in the Cerrado, ensuring both social and environmental sustainability.

Circularity in action: social projects in Caracas

Lata de Agua and Proyectos MAF are two remarkable Venezuelan initiatives that exemplify the principles of the circular economy. Both ventures showcase how creative thinking and disruptive solutions can bring positive change to longstanding issues while fostering community collaboration.

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