Pioneering net zero | Impact Hubs taking action worldwide

Impact Hub Leipzig team sitting on a patio together

Picture this: a group of entrepreneurs sitting around a table, brainstorming ideas to solve the world’s most pressing issues. Inevitably, the conversation turns to climate change, and the group realises that they have the power to make a real impact – here, now, and at scale. This realisation has been the driving force behind Impact Hub Network’s work for over 15 years, and today, we’re more committed than ever to taking serious climate action.

Semente Verde: Cultivating Bissau’s blossoming impact ecosystem

Impact Hub Candidate Bissau, supported by MAVA Foundation and UNDP, cultivates sustainable innovation through seed programmes, fostering circular economy solutions and empowering young changemakers for transformative entrepreneurship in Guinea-Bissau. Exciting growth and initiatives ahead!

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