Future Founders Day: bring Impact Hub to your city

Are you ready to transform your social business idea into reality? From crafting a robust business plan to establishing a network of partners and supporters, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. As a global network of impact entrepreneurs, we understand the myriad challenges that accompany launching a successful social enterprise. While the road ahead may seem daunting, with the right support and resources, you can surmount any obstacle and create a lasting impact in your community and beyond.

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At the Impact Hub Founders Academy, we’re committed to helping you navigate the challenges of initiating and growing a social enterprise. Our network has played a pivotal role in establishing 100+ Impact Hubs worldwide, where impact entrepreneurs ready to drive change gain shared insights and processes. During our inaugural Future Founders Day event, we delved into the ins and outs of getting started. Here’s what you need to know.


Key Takeaways from Impact Hub’s First Future Founders Day

Crafted to guide individuals and teams interested in bringing Impact Hub to their cities, the first-ever Future Founders Day was launched by Impact Hub. The event was conceived to explore the Impact Hub business model and vision, share inspiring stories of Impact Hub co-founders, and outline best practices for cultivating thriving communities.

Impact Hub’s first Founders Day was a remarkable showcase of strength from the network and activated impact creators across the globe. Collaborating with the global team and experts from the network, Impact Hub founders united to shed light on their founding journeys

"My dream was to be part of a network where I could learn from places like Accra and Kathmandu. For me, it's an ongoing learning journey. It's not easy to be a social change leader with numerous problems needing solutions. Therefore, we truly need each other. We need Impact Hubs run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs."

Establishing an Impact Hub

Founding an Impact Hub or rebranding an organisation extends beyond initiating social entrepreneurship in a local community. It’s an opportunity to become business partners and co-owners of the Impact Hub Network. Impact Hubs serve as curators of the physical, virtual, and social spaces that bring about the change we aspire to see in the world. These spaces facilitate the materialisation of change by offering infrastructure, connections, and inspiration. The Impact Hub Network forms a collaborative entrepreneurial community comprising impact-driven entrepreneurs, civil society leaders, innovators, investors, and organisations. To foster and bolster these communities, Impact Hub offers pertinent peer connections, an extensive range of programmes (skills training, incubation and acceleration, ecosystem development, etc.), and collaborative working, meeting, and event spaces.


Community stands as a fundamental element in launching any Impact Hub, and only with its backing can the business be sustainable. The local and global community lies at the heart of everything Impact Hub undertakes.


Advantages of Joining the Global Network

Establishing an Impact Hub allows the team to immerse itself in the global network as business partners and tap into its advantages. These advantages encompass:


  • A resilient business model: From inception to expansion, guidance and expertise support the profile and leverage of one of the world’s largest social entrepreneurship communities.
  • A globally recognised brand: 70% of Impact Hub founders regard the Impact Hub brand as a key benefit of establishing an Impact Hub.
  • Collaborative business creation: Gain 110+ business partners and reap the benefits of translocal programme opportunities and member services.
  • Continuous support and guidance: Access how-to guides, webinars, toolkits, in-person capacity-building, regional and global gatherings, and ongoing knowledge sharing.
  • A global community of entrepreneurs: Local members gain entry to a global community with over 25,000+ members.

"Founding Impact Hub Accra is unequivocally one of the best decisions I've made. If there was ever an institution that allowed me to amalgamate all my joys and ambitions, I couldn't have found a better network and group of people to do it with. Be intentional, find exceptional individuals, and spearhead intriguing initiatives in your city by establishing an Impact Hub."

Founding a Locally Rooted Impact Hub

Whether starting from scratch or transitioning from an existing organisation, support is provided. Once the local community is engaged, the subsequent step is to apply to join the Impact Hub Founders Academy. The Founders Academy is a five-month programme designed to equip founders and teams with skills and capabilities to inaugurate a regional Impact Hub or rebrand an existing organisation. With comprehensive training and support, new founders will learn to foster a diverse and thriving community, develop entrepreneurial support initiatives, and tailor these approaches to their local context.

“Part of the role of an impactful community is creating spaces where serendipity can occur. By effectively managing and curating that community, we open up numerous opportunities for serendipity to manifest.” – Bruno Lacey, Impact Hub Global

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