Impact Hub Odesa: nurturing hope in post-war Ukraine

Amidst the turmoil in Ukraine, the Green Theatre Volunteer Camp in Odesa in partnership with Impact Hub Odesa stood as a beacon of resilience and hope. In the face of adversity, they embarked on a courageous mission to launch the Social Camp Odesa 2023. This remarkable initiative showcased the unwavering spirit of individuals who believed that something good could always emerge from the darkest of times. It serves as a poignant reminder that even in the most challenging circumstances, humanity’s capacity for compassion, innovation, and unity can shine through, creating a positive impact that reverberates far beyond the shadows of conflict.

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In 2023, against the backdrop of armed aggression in Ukraine, the Green Theatre in Odesa embarked on a bold mission. In partnership with Impact Hub Odesa, the Green Theatre Volunteer Camp launched Social Camp Odesa 2023, a beacon of hope with the aim of promoting volunteerism and fostering an environment where NGOs, public initiatives, and marginalised communities could thrive.


A gathering of change

Over 300 delegates from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charitable foundations, and volunteer groups across Ukraine converged at Social Camp Odesa 2023. This dynamic event served as a breeding ground for ideas, a spark for collaborations, and a shared vision for positive change.

The Green Theatre Volunteer Camp took a step further by inaugurating a development hub for children of volunteers, military personnel, and internally displaced individuals. This haven was more than just a physical space; it represented a promise to nurture these young hearts and alleviate the burdens of war-induced stress.


Recognising the pivotal role of NGOs and volunteers in Ukraine’s post-war recovery, the Green Theatre Volunteer Camp also introduced an educational platform. Here, representatives from NGOs, charitable foundations, and social initiatives found a nurturing space to expand their knowledge and capacity.

Healing the soul: Recovery Space

Amidst the challenging circumstances, the team understood the toll that war and strife could take on those giving their all. In response, they created a sanctuary known as the “recovery space.” This sanctuary offered weekly, soul-nurturing journeys through practices like yoga, group therapy, expressive dance, art therapy, sound healing, and other techniques.


In addition to emotional support, the Green Theatre Volunteer Camp extended infrastructural assistance by providing free event venues, shared workspaces, equipment, and the unwavering support of their dedicated team. This comprehensive approach aimed to empower the leaders of the volunteer movement and NGOs.

Shining beacon of resilience and unity

In a world marked by challenges, the Green Theatre Volunteer Camp stood as a shining example of resilience, hope, and community coming together to make a profound difference. This initiative illuminated the path towards a brighter future for post-war Ukraine, where volunteerism, collaboration, and the spirit of togetherness prevail.

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