Impact Hub Accra: ten years of impact

Over the past ten years, Impact Hub Accra has exponentially grown in a way that transcends its humble beginnings as Hub Accra, evolving into a thriving epicentre for innovative thinkers. This transformation, driven by a steadfast commitment to the mantra ‘Locally Rooted, Globally Connected,’ has not only positioned them as a catalyst for inclusive growth within the social innovation ecosystem but has also set the stage for a future that extends their influence far beyond Accra’s borders.

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All grown up: A decade of impact and community

A decade ago, a group of four individuals embarked on a daring journey that began as Hub Accra and has since transformed into a thriving community for innovative thinkers. Over the past ten years, they have embodied the Impact Hub mantra, ‘Locally Rooted, Globally Connected,’ becoming a hub for inclusive growth within the social innovation ecosystem.


The last decade has helped set the foundation for another decade of exponential impact and growth in a way that expands its influence beyond Accra to encompass the broader country. Impact Hub Accra also serves as a model for catalysing ecosystems to build new market opportunities for young people by bringing together diverse partners for collective action.


To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Impact Hub Accra set ambitious goals, including elevating its narrative of innovation, resilience, and growth, connecting emerging ecosystems to Accra’s vibrant innovation community, mobilising forces to influence public policy, and engaging international partners in Accra’s innovation ecosystem.


As part of their anniversary festivities, they introduced Rewind Accra, a potential landmark event at the intersection of technology, social impact, and art. This event aims to unite individuals from various fields, including new media, art, music, technology, and government, to celebrate those shaping the city’s culture, co-create its future, and honour its heroes.

Brace for impact: The Global Gathering in Africa

To launch this event, Impact Hub Accra had the serendipitous opportunity to host 110 Impact Hub founders from over 80 countries, positioning themselves for a decade of even greater impact.


Their journey culminated in the Impact Hub Global Gathering, held in the African continent for the first time, where they welcomed over 90 founders representing hubs from 85+ cities. This event allowed them to co-create and align collective strategies, fostering intense community building and the creation of lasting memories.


Reflecting on their 10-year journey, Impact Hub Accra envisions a future where all creative forces in Accra and beyond unite to drive positive change. They stand at a significant inflection point, having matured within the technology, social impact, and entrepreneurship ecosystem. With a track record of resilience and adaptability, they continue to shape the innovation landscape in their beloved city.

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