PRIDE month: Celebrating LGBTIQ+ businesses and initiatives for a more inclusive world

Pride Month honours the brave souls who have worked to build a world of acceptance, equality, and love. These businesses and initiatives embody the same spirit of courage and transformation. They demonstrate the power of entrepreneurship to create a more inclusive and accepting world, and act as a powerful engine of hope. Their efforts show us how the entrepreneurial spirit can breathe new life into their community, create shared values and foster positive change.

Celebrating artists tackling social and environmental issues

For World Creativity and Innovation Day, we commemorate the profound influence of human creativity in addressing local challenges, particularly those concerning social and environmental issues. Through mediums such as visual art, design, and architecture, we delve into the intricate beauty of our natural world and confront the impacts of human activity on our environment.

A just transition: integrating sustainability and inclusion

Our environmental efforts centre around the concept of a just transition, ensuring that we don’t leave anyone behind as we move towards sustainability. This means considering the social impact of our actions and catering to the diverse needs of our communities.

In solidarity with Professor Muhammad Yunus

Impact Hub Network firmly stands in solidarity with Professor Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, currently faced with unfair charges and continuous judicial harassment. We emphatically call for the proceedings concerning Grameen Telecom’s labour practices to be conducted fairly, equitably, and free from harassment.

Impact Hub: our policy approach

At Impact Hub, our mission is clear: we’re dedicated to fostering global impact through collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity. With 112 diverse communities, we advocate for policies that encourage cross-sector collaborations to tackle complex social and environmental challenges. Join us in making a positive change worldwide!

Guide to understanding gender and pronouns

In our evolving world, language shapes understanding and social change. To embrace inclusivity, we explore gender, pronouns, and identities. Understanding diverse perspectives lets us create a compassionate, respectful, and inclusive society.

Future Founders Day: bring Impact Hub to your city

Turn your social business idea into reality with Impact Hub. Gain insights from our Future Founders Day event, exploring our model, success stories, and community practices. Join our global network as a partner and co-owner, accessing a resilient business model, recognised brand, collaborative opportunities, guidance, and a global community of change-makers. Connect with us now!

5 ways to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organisation

Embark on a journey of workplace transformation, where acknowledging biases and fostering collective commitment form the foundation of an empowered community. Explore top strategies whose impact extends beyond offices, shaping a world that values and embraces every individual’s story.

Achieving net zero: facts vs Fiction​

The term “net zero” is gaining traction in the climate battle, representing balanced greenhouse gas emissions. But misconceptions persist. In this blog, we debunk myths, emphasising genuine emission cuts, attainability, and imperative transformation for a resilient, sustainable future.

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