PRIDE month: Celebrating LGBTIQ+ businesses and initiatives for a more inclusive world

Pride Month honours the brave souls who have worked to build a world of acceptance, equality, and love. These businesses and initiatives embody the same spirit of courage and transformation. They demonstrate the power of entrepreneurship to create a more inclusive and accepting world, and act as a powerful engine of hope. Their efforts show us how the entrepreneurial spirit can breathe new life into their community, create shared values and foster positive change.

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La Chhouk (Cambodia)

Founded in 2014, La Chhouk is a Cambodian fashion brand that designs and produces dresses from recycled materials. The brand is dedicated to supporting the LGBTIQ+ community and preserving traditional art. By integrating art and fashion, La Chhouk showcases the potential of LGBTIQ+ individuals, countering prevalent societal discrimination in Cambodia.

In addition to their business, La Chhouk runs the “Srolanh Kon Jea Kon” (Love Your Child as Your Child) campaign, which aims to foster acceptance and encourage positive behavior changes regarding  LGBTIQ+ issues among parents and the broader community.

“The brand uses art and fashion to highlight the potential of LGBTIQ+ individuals.”

Image source: Facebook "La Chhouk Recycled & Creative Fashion | Phnom Penh"

Insert Self Here (UK)

Insert Self Here (ISH) is a sustainable knitwear brand dedicated to empowering individuals to express their authentic selves through fashion. Recognising the evolving landscape of gender norms, ISH produces inclusive designs that honour gender fluidity and prioritise sustainable practices.

The brand actively supports underrepresented individuals by offering internships and scholarships, breaking down barriers to education and employment.

“Impact Hub’s alumni from Circular Startup, they create sustainable clothes defying gender norms in fashion.”

Image source: Insert Self Here

Fierce Women (Croatia)

Fierce Women is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting gender equality and social justice through artistic, educational, and inspirational products. By reinvesting 75% of their profits into initiatives that uphold these values, the enterprise aims to create impactful change both locally and internationally.

Their most notable product is the Fierce Women card game, which features artsy portraits and narratives of 60 women’s significant contributions in fields such as culture, science, feminism, human rights, politics, and art.

“A social enterprise run by Impact Hub Zagreb’s partner, makes products that center around women’s stories and advocate for impactful changes.”

Image source: Fierce Women

Say It Loud Club (UK)

Say It Loud Club is dedicated to providing social, emotional, educational, and advocacy support for LGBTIQ+ refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

Founded by Aloysius Ssali, the club was established to address the significant lack of support for LGBTIQ+ individuals who have fled their home countries due to persecution based on their sexuality.

“An Impact Hub London member working to support LGBTIQ+ refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.”

Image source: Say It Loud Club

TransEnd (Bangladesh)

TransEnd is an organisation based in Bangladesh dedicated to empowering marginalised and gender diverse communities.

Founded by Lamea Tanjin Tanha, TransEnd is committed to empowering one million individuals through skill development and access to resources. Their work in mental health, employment, and social integration has earned them the Diana Award for social action and humanitarian work.

“A social business that helps the gender diverse community by placing them in respectable jobs in mainstream fields led by Lamea Tanjin Tanha, member of Impact Hub Dhaka”

Image source: LinkedIn "Lamea Tanjin Tanha"

These inspiring initiatives highlight the power of collective action and collaboration in creating a more inclusive society. By building inclusive businesses or supporting existing ones that align with our values, we can create a ripple effect of positive impact for the LGBTIQ+ community, women, and marginalised groups. Together, we can shape the world where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

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