In solidarity with Professor Muhammad Yunus

Impact Hub Network firmly stands in solidarity with Professor Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, currently faced with unfair charges and continuous judicial harassment. We emphatically call for the proceedings concerning Grameen Telecom’s labour practices to be conducted fairly, equitably, and free from any harassment.

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Amidst uncertainty and challenge, it’s crucial for a community to rally in support. We stand behind Professor Muhammad Yunus, currently facing scrutiny regarding his ethics and those of Grameen Telecom, the non-profit he helped establish. For detailed information on the case and global statements of support, please refer to the Protect Yunus information site.


Over the years, Professor Yunus has consistently demonstrated integrity, compassion, and honesty in all his interactions within our global network, which spans 65 countries. As the recipient of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize and numerous accolades including Bangladesh’s Independence Day Award (the highest state honour), Professor Yunus has dedicated almost five decades to improving the conditions of the underprivileged through microfinance and as a pioneer for change on the ground through the Grameen family of enterprises.


We stand in solidarity with him and his team and call for the proceedings concerning Grameen Telecom’s labour practices to be conducted with fairness, equity, and free from personal harassment towards Professor Yunus.

The shocking takeover last week of the Grameen Building and affiliated enterprises has blocked and endangered our Impact Hub Dhaka members in the same building and will directly affect the community of impact makers all trying to make their city – and the world – a better place. This treatment of social entrepreneurs on the ground – and of Professor Yunus and his team as pioneers – sets worrying precedence for our sector. 


Public trust needs restoration, and it is crucial to acknowledge the positive impact the work of the Grameen Bank’s team has had on rural development in Bangladesh and beyond. We respectfully call on the Government of Bangladesh to look into the matter to protect the amazing work that has come out of Bangladesh and to protect its citizens, including Professor Yunus and also all programme participants, beneficiaries, staff and stakeholders who might be impacted by the sudden shutdown of these Grameen offices. 


We are confident that the truth will prevail in due course, and we stand in support of Professor Yunus during this challenging time – as he has served as a source of inspiration, positivity, and perseverance for generations of social entrepreneurs worldwide in their commitment to advance socio-economic betterment. Thank you Impact Hub Dhaka for the great work you do in your city and country, our Impact Hub Network is at your back as we all navigate this situation.

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