Rethread Africa: Transforming agricultural waste into sustainable fashion solutions

Rethread Africa is a sustainable materials startup dedicated to transforming the fashion industry by converting agricultural waste from smallholder farmers into carbon-neutral biomaterials. Founded as a university project, Rethread Africa, a valued member of Impact Hub Nairobi, has grown to secure partnerships and attract interest from industry leaders and global fashion brands.

Inclusive entrepreneurship in the fashion industry

Moving Mood, founded by Rut Turró, is a venture in the fashion industry that began as a clothing line addressing the needs of people with reduced mobility. Evolving beyond conventional adaptive clothing, Moving Mood has transformed into a multifaceted research and consulting partner for the fashion sector, specialising in inclusive fashion.

Circularity in action: transforming industries in Romania

Two inspiring entrepreneurs from Romania, Laura Chiriac and Irina Moreno, collectively emerged as role models for impactful and innovative change. Both alumni of the Romania ClimAccerator 2022, their ventures serve as examples of the transformative potential embedded in circular principles.

Circularity in action: social entrepreneurship in London

Masha Guyard and Alexander Rose, both graduates of the Circular Start-up programme by Impact Hub London supported by JPMorgan Chase, exemplify the transformative potential of circular solutions in addressing pressing social issues.

Circularity in action: inspiring initiatives from Rwanda

Two visionary entrepreneurs in Rwanda, Umuziranenge Blandine of Kosmotive and Planté Josué Niyomugenga of Aflimba, are leading the way in promoting circular economy principles. Through innovative initiatives in the health and fashion industries, they extend product lifecycles, reduce waste, and optimise resource usage.

Circularity in action: innovations from China

Pioneers in the circular economy field in China, Wenjing Zhao and Stéphane Vernede have created new models of products and services that are being mainstreamed by major companies. They demonstrate a dedication to reducing waste, maximising resource efficiency, and promoting sustainable practices. Together they pave the way for a more environmentally conscious world.

Circularity in action: awakening Ghana’s circular economy

Sabon Sake and the OR Foundation, two dynamic enterprises based in Ghana, are united by a common vision to revolutionise the Ghanaian economy into a pioneering leader in the circular economy. To amplify the impact of such innovative initiatives, Impact Hub Accra plays a pivotal role by harnessing the power of innovation generated by startups within its vibrant community.

Circularity Tales: a holistic approach to sustainability in Greece

ANKAA Project, co-founded by Line Didelot, integrates equitable education, employment, and sustainability. Through the ClimAccelerator programme by Impact Hub Athens, they’ve gained valuable tools and insights to offer educational programmes for vulnerable communities in Athens, positively impacting 1300 students to date.

Circularity Tales: bringing sustainable fashion to Spanish markets

EKOMODO, led by CEO Aritz Gartzia Segurola, is a San Sebastian-based venture founded in 2019 with a profound commitment to empowering individuals and organisations in creating a more sustainable world through innovative and eco-conscious fashion. Their holistic approach to sustainable fashion underscores the potential for style and environmental responsibility to coexist harmoniously in the pursuit of a better world.

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