Circularity Tales: bringing sustainable fashion to Spanish markets

EKOMODO, led by CEO Aritz Gartzia Segurola, is a San Sebastian-based venture founded in 2019 with a profound commitment to empowering individuals and organisations in creating a more sustainable world through innovative and eco-conscious fashion. Their holistic approach to sustainable fashion underscores the potential for style and environmental responsibility to coexist harmoniously in the pursuit of a better world.

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At Impact Hub, our commitment to circularity as a path to a more sustainable future has led us to engage with inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide. In our latest instalment of the Circularity Tales series, we had the privilege of conversing with Aritz Gartzia Segurola, the CEO of EKOMODO, a San Sebastian-based venture making waves in sustainable fashion. In an interview with Aritz, he sheds light on EKOMODO’s mission, the importance of circular principles, and the impact of participating in Impact Hub Donostia‘s pilot programme.


EKOMODO, founded in 2019, is on a mission to empower individuals and organisations to create a better world through the design of sustainable products for daily life. Aritz emphasises three foundational principles that guide EKOMODO’s approach: local production, sustainable materials, and social impact. The company manufactures local raw materials and suppliers, employs eco-design and circular economy principles to minimise waste, and collaborates with social workshops to include individuals from groups at risk of exclusion in the production process.

Circularity, for EKOMODO, encompasses three core factors. Firstly, sustainable materials play a pivotal role, with a commitment to eco-design and circular economy principles, using 100% recycled and recyclable materials. Secondly, local production ensures proximity to manufacturing, promoting regional suppliers and minimising environmental footprint. Lastly, social impact remains at the forefront, engaging marginalised communities in the clothing industry through collaborative initiatives with local social workshops.


In a succinct phrase, Aritz encapsulates the importance of circularity: “Nowadays, only 9% of the world is circular – there is a lot to be done yet.” This statement underscores the urgency and the vast potential for businesses to embrace circular principles.


Aritz shares insights into EKOMODO’s participation in Impact Hub Donostia‘s pilot programme dedicated to implementing circular practices into business operations. The programme played a crucial role in deepening the understanding of circularity processes, particularly in product design and conception. For a new impact-based business like EKOMODO, the programme facilitated improved brand awareness, market expansion strategies, and valuable mentorship within a supportive community.

When asked about the one circular practice to recommend for ventures embarking on the circularity journey, Aritz emphasises the importance of the ecodesigning process. This critical phase, occurring early in a product’s development, defines 80% of its environmental impact, making it a key focus for companies across all sectors.


EKOMODO, under the leadership of Aritz Gartzia Segurola, exemplifies the transformative power of circular principles in sustainable fashion. As businesses worldwide increasingly recognise the need for circularity, EKOMODO’s journey serves as inspiration, proving that creating a better world can indeed be achieved with style and purpose.

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