Circularity in action: awakening Ghana’s Circular Economy

Sabon Sake and the OR Foundation, two dynamic enterprises based in Ghana, are united by a common vision to revolutionise the Ghanaian economy into a pioneering leader in the circular economy. To amplify the impact of such innovative initiatives, Impact Hub Accra plays a pivotal role by harnessing the power of innovation generated by startups within its vibrant community.

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At the heart of the CirculUP! project lies a compelling mission – to spotlight and celebrate pioneering entrepreneurs within the Impact Hub Network, who exemplify the principles of the circular economy. By sharing their journeys, our goal is to boost awareness and promote the adoption of a circular economy in Armenia, catalysing a transformative shift toward sustainability.

Circularity. The circular economy. These two terms have been used easily as a buzz phrase in recent times. In reality, our future as a planet depends largely on these two concepts and the heroes within our cities playing to their tune. As a planet, a major goal should be to reuse our resources in sustainable ways that serve people, places, and purpose.


Impact Hub Accra, as an all-inclusive hub, heavily leverages innovation from startups within the hub community, an unlimited resource. Two major companies stand out of the lot for developing ingenious ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in a city that currently struggles to grasp the concept of circularity.


Sabon Sake, directly translating from Hausa as ‘to transform,’ embodies a circular system that prioritises a successful transformation (physical and mental) of rural farming communities into regenerative communities. Utilising a term they refer to as Regenerative Agriculture Zen, Sabon Sake’s purpose is to ensure that rural farming communities are not left behind in fighting against the climate crisis and its impact on food systems. 


Catalysing a justice-led circular economy is what the OR Foundation has worked hard to build since its inception. Acknowledging the many layers to their work, all initiatives are founded on the belief that justice within the violent yet beautiful world we share begins with reckoning, recovery, and reparations.

Sabon Sake

Sabon Sake is enabling the regeneration of Ghana’s most valuable assets – soils and communities, by working closely with nature and clean technology to enable ecosystems to function at optimum best and address climate change, one rural farming community at a time. 


Using a three-pronged circular approach, they deliver climate-resilient agriculture solutions and accelerate regeneration, thus positively contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Sabon Sake, as a circular organisation, believes that actively regenerating degraded landscapes coupled with capacity building for farmers builds climate resilience and creates thriving farming communities. 

OR Foundation

The Or Foundation (pronounced “or”) stands for choice. The OR mission understands that choice is agency – agency to escape the predominant violent socio-economic system of corporate colonialism and to change it from within. 


In identifying and manifesting alternatives to the dominant model of fashion – alternatives that bring forth ecological prosperity, as opposed to destruction, the OR Foundation inspires the citizens they interact with and beyond to form a relationship with fashion that extends beyond their role as consumers.

With a common goal and shared value, Sabon Sake and the OR Foundation have a particular focus on the circular economy. Their vision is to transform the Ghanaian economy and ecosystem into an innovation leader in the circular economy, considerably reducing the consumption of natural resources and contributing to sustainable development. 


With comprehensive programmes such as CirculUP!, such businesses can evolve, scale, and grow with the help of various stakeholders working together to create a positive impact.


This article is presented in collaboration with Impact Hub Accra.


The CirculUP! project in Armenia is a transformative initiative spearheaded by the collaborative efforts of the Impact Hub Network, Impact Hub Yerevan, and the Environment and Health NGO, with support from the European Union in Armenia

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