World Refugee Day: Navigating the challenges of refugee employment and entrepreneurship​

This World Refugee Day, let’s look beyond the numbers to understand the challenges refugees face in accessing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. Every one of us has a role to play in helping address these obstacles through targeted measures such as legal advocacy, financial support, skill development, and networking opportunities. Let’s take meaningful action to support refugee rights and empower them to rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.

PRIDE month: Celebrating LGBTIQ+ businesses and initiatives for a more inclusive world

Pride Month honours the brave souls who have worked to build a world of acceptance, equality, and love. These businesses and initiatives embody the same spirit of courage and transformation. They demonstrate the power of entrepreneurship to create a more inclusive and accepting world, and act as a powerful engine of hope. Their efforts show us how the entrepreneurial spirit can breathe new life into their community, create shared values and foster positive change.

PRIDE month: Our books and film recommendations

Pride Month is a time to celebrate the diversity, resilience, and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community. It is also an opportunity to educate ourselves and others, foster empathy, and promote inclusivity. One of the best ways to do this is through storytelling, whether in books or films, which offers powerful insights into the lives and experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals. Here are some recommendations that highlight different aspects of LGBTQ+ history, culture, and personal narratives.

adidas Community Lab: Empowering latino/a/e social entrepreneurs in Portland

The 2023 adidas Community Lab, in collaboration with Impact Hub, supports Black and Latino/a/e social entrepreneurs by providing resources, funding, and mentorship. This year’s programme graduated eight participants, each receiving $75,000 in funding. The programme concluded with a pitch competition, awarding additional funding to three winners: $25,000 for first place, $10,000 for second, and product and partnership support for third.

Ardook’s mission to transform lives through sustainable employment for single mothers

Ardook, founded by Shogher Atanesyan, is an Armenia-based social enterprise dedicated to providing sustainable income to single mothers caring for disabled children by offering flexible employment opportunities through laundry services. Ardook has quickly made an impact by empowering these mothers with jobs that allow them to balance work with caregiving responsibilities.

Saghar Hamidzade’s inspiring journey of empowerment at Impact Hub Lisbon

Saghar Hamidzade, a dedicated entrepreneur in the social sector, has found her home and community at Impact Hub Lisbon since joining in 2022. With a background in technology consulting and humanitarian work, Saghar co-founded Nectar Consulting, a women-led firm offering tech services to social impact organisations, and SOMA Cultura, an association supporting migrant musicians in Lisbon.

Instituto +58: Empowering Venezuelan immigrants in Brasília

Instituto +58 is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the socio-economic and cultural integration of vulnerable Venezuelan refugees in Brasília, Brazil. By focusing on labour insertion and sociocultural support, Instituto +58 empowers Venezuelan immigrants, providing them with the tools for a self-sufficient life. Their comprehensive assistance includes legal documentation, healthcare access, social support, and skill-building programmes.

Cultivating change: SoilBiom’s revolutionary approach to sustainable agriculture

SoilBiom, co-founded by Deniz, Osman, Atakan, and Umut, develops tailor-made microbial fertilisers that boost plant growth while maintaining soil quality. Their journey, intertwined with Impact Hub Ankara through the Empowering Women in Agriculture (EWA) Programme, has seen them grow from a co-working membership to establishing a laboratory.

Empowering women entrepreneurs: insights from CAPSULE 2024 Bootcamp

CAPSULE is an Erasmus+ project organised in 3 EU countries, Romania, Croatia and Hungary by Impact Hub Bucharest, Career Shift, Impact Hub Zagreb and Impact Hub Budapest to promote young people’s initiatives in the area of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, with a focus on social inclusion and diversity in fields such as education, training, youth and sport, and also to increase the degree of employability among young people. 

Celebrating artists tackling social and environmental issues

For World Creativity and Innovation Day, we commemorate the profound influence of human creativity in addressing local challenges, particularly those concerning social and environmental issues. Through mediums such as visual art, design, and architecture, we delve into the intricate beauty of our natural world and confront the impacts of human activity on our environment.

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