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Taiwan’s first incubator focused on entrepreneurial and innovation support for social impact.

Discover the transformative journey of the 6th Youth Public Welfare Practice Programme, where young talents from the Asia-Pacific region come together to acquire essential skills for social innovation.

Goals for good

In 2017, the Tzu Chi Foundation initiated the “FUN Big Vision for the Future” youth innovation programme. This programme is designed to connect diverse professionals and resources through public welfare information and empowerment modules, providing crucial support to social innovation partners. Our mission is to foster social welfare and establish Taiwan’s “Public Welfare Incubator” in alignment with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Recognising the creativity and mobility inherent in young individuals, Tzu Chi aims to offer resources and platforms that facilitate communication and mutual learning to bolster aspiring young social innovators.


In partnership with Impact Hub Taipei, we provide training courses and mentorship from industry experts to empower these young individuals on their entrepreneurial journey, ultimately influencing the future positively. Our commitment is unwavering, as we strive to expand our efforts and employ innovative approaches to further the cause of public welfare and realise the beauty of our world.

Programme benefits

By participating in the Youth Public Welfare Practice Programme, teams can access: 

  • Personalised counselling: Teams will be matched with professional experts according to their specific needs, ensuring tailored and effective consulting services.
  • Workshops: Engage in 60 hours of modular courses that offer practical organisational training and exercises to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Action grants: The Taiwan team and the Asia-Pacific region team will have access to incubation modules and team charity action grants up to NT$3 million Yuan.
  • Network resources: Various activities and achievement presentations will be organised to provide the team with ample opportunities to connect with potential partners and explore diverse collaboration avenues.

Youth in action

Explore the practical experiences and the latest trends in social innovation of young individuals engaging in public welfare.

Programme insights and numbers


Cumulative incubation teams were nurtured and supported by the programme over the course of its operation. 

1 k+

Cumulative participants from various backgrounds with unique skill sets engaged with the programme.

1 M+

Cumulative impact funds invested to demonstrate a commitment to promote meaningful change. 

70 %

Participants reported that they received effective and valuable assistance from the programme.

70 %

Participants identified and clarified the core problems they aimed to tackle through their projects.

70 %

Participants managed to devise effective and innovative solutions for the problems they identified. 

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