Better Incubation

Transformative ecosystems for social change: How impact entrepreneurship leads to a more just and inclusive society.

Better Incubation promotes entrepreneurship as a means to create jobs, develop skills, and give unemployed and vulnerable people an opportunity to fully participate in the economy.

Innovation ecosystems for social change

Welcome to Better Incubation, where we ignite “eco-systemic” change, bringing incubation and business support closer to society, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. Supported by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation, our two-year programme is led by a formidable alliance, uniting the European Business and Innovation Centre Network, Impact Hub, and the European Venture Philanthropy Association. Together, we empower under-represented and vulnerable groups, paving the way for a brighter, more equitable future.

Communities of Practice

We’ve developed five Communities of Practice (CoPs) where participants share their knowledge and experience on how to best approach and support entrepreneurs from under-represented groups. Click on one of the CoPs to download its factsheet.

Migrants and refugees factsheet

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People with disabilities factsheet

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Seniors factsheet

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Women factsheet

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Youth factsheet

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Transforming insights into actions

At Better Incubation, we are dedicated to harnessing entrepreneurship as a potent solution for Europe’s social, ecological, and economic challenges. Our vision is an inclusive future, where self-employment and job creation become accessible to all, empowering unemployed and vulnerable individuals from under-represented groups to actively participate in society. Our comprehensive resources equips business support organisations with valuable methodologies, ensuring that programmes become more inclusive and accessible.

Better Incubation Pilots Impact Report

Communities of Practice (CoP) members came together to learn from each other, codify tools and processes, build new knowledge on better incubation for the sector, and develop policy recommendations. The 21 BSOs engaged in the CoPs implemented 21 pilot programs for more than 133 entrepreneurs. The findings that resulted from the impact measurement of the pilots are presented in this insights paper and can inform future best practices and policies in inclusive incubation.

Training opportunities

How to adapt and modify services to help social and under-represented entrepreneurs transform ideas into viable businesses and grow them by accessing new funding and market opportunities.

Pillar 1: Social Entrepreneurship Training

Embark on an impactful journey in Social Entrepreneurship with our foundational course! Engage in 5 immersive online modules, excel in an in-depth impact measurement training, and enjoy personalised coaching activities to unleash your potential.

Pillar 2: Inclusive Entrepreneurship Training

Immerse yourself in the Inclusive Entrepreneurship Pillar, an enriching experience featuring 5 thematic focus sessions, dedicated to specific vulnerability groups. Discover new perspectives and opportunities.

Pillar 3: Impact Measurement and Management

Explore an in-depth learning experience, supporting organisations in designing and refining impact measurement systems for social and inclusive entrepreneurs. Assess your impact effectively and drive positive change.

Programme insights and numbers


European policy workshop


Policy workshops in 14 countries with 345 contributors


Countries represented in the communities of practice


Pilot programmes implemented


Entrepreneurs from under represented groups


Participants in capacity building from 39 countries

The European Business and Innovation Centre Network is the leading pan – European association of business support organisations.

EVPA is committed to be the prime supporter and convener of the community of investors for impact in Europe.

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