UNDP Ecosystem forum Guinea-Bissau

Facilitating the development and set up of the Innovation Centre in Guinea-Bissau.

Impact Hub and the UNDP partnering to demonstrate a holistic and collaborative approach to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Guinea-Bissau.

The vision for a community and ecosystem forum in Bissau

Considering the local context of Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, the establishment of the Kau Criar Innovation Hub takes on added significance. The project’s overarching goal to support economic development in Guinea-Bissau becomes particularly crucial in a region facing ongoing challenges, including political instability and economic uncertainties. 


Kau Criar’s multifaceted endeavour seeks to connect ecosystem actors through the promotion of a shared workspace, events, training and research on the topics of innovation, entrepreneurship and impact.


By placing a strong emphasis on inclusive governance practices, qualified leadership, and active participation from local stakeholders, Kau Criar works to strengthen its foundations in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Guinea-Bissau. 

Co-creating impact: UNDP partnership for change

In partnership with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Impact Hub Network is instrumental in supporting the establishment of the Kau Criar Innovation Hub. 


As Guinea-Bissau navigates the early stages of developing its entrepreneurial ecosystem, the local community is enthusiastic about contributing to the country’s progress. However, the existing isolation of Entrepreneurial Support Organisations (ESOs) poses a specific challenge that Kau Criar aims to rectify. 


From its inception, the intentional design of the hub embraces a collaborative ethos, incorporating various co-creation and design moments with a strong emphasis on active participation and input from local stakeholders.


The collaboration with UNDP not only underscores the importance of international partnerships but also emphasises the necessity for a comprehensive approach to development, one that takes into account the unique challenges of the region.

Breaking silos and building networks

Kau Criar is now fully operational and open to entrepreneurs and innovators from all regions of Guinea-Bissau. With a mandate to “break silos” and establish a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem, Kau Criar stands as a collaborative space for networking, information sharing, and learning from shared experiences. 


Designed to provide a safe environment, Kau Criar offers comprehensive support, including training, capacity-building initiatives, and access to facilities and equipment. This approach will empower entrepreneurs, providing them with the tools necessary to advance in their ventures.


As expressed by Duhita Wijeyratne, Head of the Strategic and Economic Unit at UNDP-Guinea Bissau, Kau Criar is positioned as the primary hub for working collectively to identify gaps and addressing essential needs for supporting business growth and development in Guinea-Bissau.

Key actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Guinea-Bissau

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