Collaborating to drive eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge materials deeply rooted in innovation and sustainability.

With over 50% of IKEA's climate footprint stemming from products and food materials, innovation is essential. Together, we champion circularity and climate positivity for a sustainable tomorrow.

Diving into innovation with marine materials

Exploring uncharted waters, IKEA’s innovators dive deep to unlock marine materials’ potential. Can algae and seaweed shrink IKEA’s carbon footprint? This question propels our shared mission, as we seek novel packaging solutions that transform sustainability. Beyond emissions, IKEA pioneers planet-friendly packaging, collaborating with Impact Hub to nurture a platform for inventive entrepreneurs. Together, we forge a path toward a cleaner, greener world, harnessing marine resources like algae, bacteria, and fungi. Join us in shaping a transformative future.

"At IKEA, we are generally good at capturing opportunities, but all new materials we consider need to be able to scale. We use big volumes throughout our range in everything from food and comfort applications to textile solutions and packaging. So, we need to explore both wild and cultivated marine materials."

Raffaele Giovinazzi
Project Leader Innovation Ventures, IKEA

Sticking with bio-based solutions

Even the tiniest change, like a droplet of glue, can trigger impactful transformations worldwide. IKEA takes the lead in sustainability by transitioning to bio-based adhesives, aiming to reduce fossil-based glue usage by 40%. Though seemingly minor, this shift holds considerable climate benefits. Entrepreneurs were invited to join a collaborative programme exploring sustainable glue solutions, fostering ideation, co-creation, and knowledge exchange to reshape our environmental impact. This commitment aligns with IKEA’s mission to cap global warming at 1.5°C, marking a significant stride towards more sustainable wood-based products.

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