Supporting the co-design of impactful financial instruments for boosting innovation in SMEs and start-ups across Central Europe.

An initiative in Central Europe to enhance innovation financing by facilitating peer learning and capacity building among stakeholders.

Our approach

Funding schemes for market-driven research and innovation are rare in Central Europe. Finance providers and policymakers often shy away from introducing such schemes due to their complexity. The FI4NN project is changing this by helping public and private finance providers and policymakers adopt a new mindset when designing financial instruments to support R&I led by SMEs and startups. This new approach is more inclusive and consultative, emphasising co-creation, stakeholder engagement, and impact measurement.


Impact Hub has designed guidelines for effective multi-level stakeholder engagement in financial ecosystems and contributed to consortium deliverables. Moving forward, we will organise various events and workshops, including validation workshops and regional and international events. Additionally, Impact Hub will produce guidelines for investors on setting KPIs to evaluate processes and beneficiaries’ performance.

Our objectives

The primary objective of the project is to enhance innovation financing by facilitating peer learning and capacity building among stakeholders. It focuses on improving credit access for Research and Innovation (R&I) in SMEs and startups, particularly those not yet operating globally.


FI4INN also aims to enhance the quality and range of financial instruments available to innovators. By fostering collaboration and innovation, the project aligns with global priorities and contributes to the region’s prosperity, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. It invites relevant stakeholders to participate in shaping the future of innovation financing in Central Europe.

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