Embedding Circularity

Applying circular design and sustainable innovation to businesses for a brighter, regenerative future.

As we move toward a circular economy, sustainability is a key measure of success. That’s why we help future-forward organisations and ventures apply circular design principles to their mission and operations.

Harnessing circular design for sustainable success

With a global legacy in circularity programmes and strong connections with government bodies, policymakers, and like-minded organisations, Impact Hubs bring a wealth of expertise. Partnering with InstitutoNOW, we have developed an engaging, interactive learning experience tailored for entrepreneur support organisations. 


The Embedding Circularity learning journey is perfect for incubators and accelerators looking to drive positive change and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving business world. 


Join us today in embracing circular design for a sustainable future.

Why join the learning journey?

  • Explore Circular Economy trends and frameworks, gaining a competitive edge.
  • Equip your team with the skills to take real action and unlock the power of circularity.
  • Integrate circularity as a design principle into programmatic support for entrepreneurs.
  • Foster innovation and position yourself as a key player in the global sustainability landscape.
  • Join a vibrant community of 320,000 Impact Makers, making a difference worldwide.

Rwanda to Spain, Türkiye to Colombia and beyond

Research reveals that 80% of environmental impacts occur during product development. Embracing circular design principles from the start empowers start-ups and growth-stage businesses to:


(Re)think processes and business models
(Re)design waste and natural systems
(Re)build a just and sustainable society


Building upon our experience, we have curated a powerful toolkit to develop an interactive learning experience.

Circularity Tales

Circularity Tales is a six-part series showcasing Impact Hub’s commitment to circularity. These stories feature entrepreneurs who have embraced circular practices, offering valuable insights and inspiration for a sustainable future.

Circularity programme key insights


Impact Hubs worldwide trained to better design and deliver programs that integrate CE principles.


New valuable connections made on average for the participants of the programme.


Provided support to small and growing businesses that have advanced their circular products and business models.

1 x

Participating ventures experienced a remarkable growth in median revenue, more than doubling from US$ 5,000 to US$ 12,000.

60 %

Respondents highly valued the programme’s impact on their understanding and application of the circular economy.

60 %

Respondents express confidence in their acquired knowledge to effectively apply circular economy principles to their business.

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