Innovative training solutions in higher education facilitating accounting for the circular economy and sustainability.

In partnership with ERASMUS+, the ACES project consolidates cutting-edge insights and optimal business practices for financial and managerial accounting in the circular economy within the changing EU regulatory framework.

Closing the gap in circular accounting

The ACES project addresses the gap in circular accounting training within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) despite the growing influence of circular economy regulations on business models. 


By creating teaching materials and digital learning solutions, the project aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of business students, teachers, and practitioners across EU HEIs.

Collaborative efforts in advancing circular economy literacy

The overarching objective is to raise awareness among business leaders, financial management accountants, investors, and policy-makers about existing circular economy accounting methods. 


The Impact Hub Network actively engages business stakeholders in co-developing project materials and supports the project’s transferability and dissemination initiatives.


This knowledge fosters informed decision-making in business practices, investment analysis, and the standardisation of concepts within circular economy models and accounting. It encompasses the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

Transformative educational resources and desired outcomes

The ACES project strives to develop user-friendly digital learning materials for educators and professionals, adaptable for both curriculums and courses. 


The resulting modules and teaching guide facilitate easy integration into educational programmes, benefitting entrepreneurs and accountants seeking updated knowledge and competence.


Ultimately, the project contributes to disseminating the latest insights and best practices in financial and managerial accounting for the circular economy within the evolving EU regulatory landscape. 


The outcome includes three learning modules and an innovative teaching guide, fostering understanding of accounting’s role in supporting the transition to a Circular Economy among business educators and company representatives.

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