Impact Hub Taipei: fuelling a virtuous circle of impact

Impact Hub Taipei’s 2030 Impact Accelerator is making waves in Taiwan’s entrepreneurial landscape by launching its first global impact accelerator. This initiative invites forward-thinking businesses to join a comprehensive programme offering capacity-building, mentoring sessions, and strategic connections.

Circularity in action: circular innovations in Indonesia

In the vibrant urban landscape of Jakarta, Indonesia, two socially conscious enterprises, Sampangan and Plépah, are leading the charge toward sustainability and a circular economy. Both integral members of Impact Hub Jakarta’s community and recipients of recognition through the Accelerate2030 Programme, these enterprises blend traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology to address environmental challenges.

Circularity in action: innovations from China

Pioneers in the circular economy field in China, Wenjing Zhao and Stéphane Vernede have created new models of products and services that are being mainstreamed by major companies. They demonstrate a dedication to reducing waste, maximising resource efficiency, and promoting sustainable practices. Together they pave the way for a more environmentally conscious world.

Carbonisation technology for good

Sampangan has emerged as an industry leader in waste management, underscoring the transformative impact of its solutions on large-scale environmental challenges in Indonesia and beyond.

Impact Hub Waikato: empowering indigenous entrepreneurs

In a town grappling with economic challenges and social disparities, Impact Hub Waikato is committed to fostering indigenous entrepreneurship and creativity. Through their innovative programmes, the community of Tokoroa were able to flourish and realise their creative potential.

Impact Hub Phnom Penh: amplifying voices through music

The team at NOW-Us! Impact Hub Phnom Penh embarked on an inspiring mission of empowerment, aiming to revolutionise the lives of their rightsholder groups through the NOW-Us! Award Cambodia project. Their ingenious idea: harnessing the transformative power of music.

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