Carbonisation technology for good

Sampangan has emerged as an industry leader in waste management, underscoring the transformative impact of its solutions on large-scale environmental challenges in Indonesia and beyond. 

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The global production of municipal solid waste stands at a staggering 2.01 billion tonnes each year, and alarmingly, at least 33 per cent of this waste is not handled in an environmentally safe manner.


Sampangan has emerged as a pioneer in waste management, introducing a groundbreaking waste processing solution utilising carbonisation technology, specifically heat radiation. This cutting-edge method efficiently breaks down all types of solid waste, whether organic or inorganic, transforming them into valuable carbon for applications in organic agriculture and various industries.

The carbonised technology is a process of amalgamating Pyrolysis and Gasification. It involves the decomposition of materials through heat radiation in the absence of oxygen, eliminating burning and preventing pollution.


Distinguishing itself from conventional methods, Sampangan’s magic box operates at temperatures ranging from 100 to 400 degrees Celsius, a significant departure from the 700 to 1200 degrees Celsius typically required for traditional processes. The energy source for this innovative technology is the waste itself, wherein potential energy is converted into heat energy during the process.


In simple terms, envision the concept akin to a rice cooker or oven – no flames, just heat radiation. Waste enters the system, and the output is activated carbon, along with other organic and safe by-products.

In 2021, Sampangan achieved recognition as a finalist in Accelerate2030 – the world’s leading programme fostering entrepreneurial solutions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, led by Impact Hub. The collaboration with Brazilian Solubio materialised during networking opportunities within the Accelerate2030 platform, leading to a strategic partnership focused on converting waste into 100% organic fertiliser across Latin America.


Sampangan’s “Magic Box” carbonisation technology stands as a patented solution, meticulously designed and manufactured in Indonesia. As they embark on global expansion, it is evident that such innovative technologies have the potential to redefine systems, address intricate challenges, and create substantial positive impact on a large scale.

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