Impact Hub Phnom Penh: amplifying voices through music

One year ago, the team at NOW-Us! Impact Hub Phnom Penh embarked on an inspiring mission of empowerment, aiming to revolutionise the lives of their rightsholder groups through the NOW-Us! Award Cambodia project. Their ingenious idea: harnessing the transformative power of music.

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One year ago, the team of NOW-Us! at Impact Hub Phnom Penh embarked on a mission as bold as it was inspiring. In the heart of the NOW-Us! Award Cambodia project, they set out to do more than just create change; they aimed to ignite a revolution of empowerment, strength, and amplification for their five remarkable rightsholder groups through the NOW-Us! Bootcamp and NOW-Us! Award Ceremony Night.

Harnessing music for change

The team explored strategies to further amplify the work of their awardees and draw more attention to inclusivity. They proposed the idea of creating a music video and a song called “Me, You and Us,” which was seen as an innovative approach to bringing their rightsholder groups into the mainstream media spotlight, celebrating their diversity, and amplifying their voices.

They collaborated with the renowned Cambodian singer, KESORRR, and programme participants to co-create a unique music video with the aim of promoting understanding and acceptance of all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or identities.

A digital triumph: impact on social media

Since the launch of the song and music video, the project has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community, with numerous comments and shares on various social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. These interactions were an indication that the video resonated with a wide audience, and the comments on YouTube and Facebook served as a testament to its impact, with many viewers expressing gratitude for feeling seen, heard, and empowered. 

From screen to stage: the song’s remarkable journey

One year later, the song had found its way onto the airwaves, into karaoke nights, festivals, and even the Miss Universe Cambodia pageant. However, the most astonishing and surprising moment came when the song was selected to headline the opening ceremony of the 2023 Southeast Asian Paralympics Games. In a massive stadium, amid a chorus of thousands of cheers, the powerful message of this song echoed through the venue, reaching audiences across Southeast Asia.

Celebration of diversity

Going the extra mile in promoting inclusivity, the team also created a rendition of the song performed in Cambodian sign language by one of their NOW-Us! Awardees, Maly. “Me, You, and Us” is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of diversity, a tribute to the strength of voices that often go unheard. 

This accomplishment stands as a testament to the remarkable achievement of Impact Hub Phnom Penh as they harnessed the power of music to drive change and foster unity.

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