AMADPOC: Pioneering migration research and policy dialogue in sub-Saharan Africa

AMADPOC is an independent research consulting firm dedicated to assisting governments and other migration stakeholders in understanding migration dynamics through research. Their work informs policy processes and identifies innovative solutions to address key migration issues while capitalising on the developmental potential of migration in sub-Saharan Africa.

Rethread Africa: Transforming agricultural waste into sustainable fashion solutions

Rethread Africa is a sustainable materials startup dedicated to transforming the fashion industry by converting agricultural waste from smallholder farmers into carbon-neutral biomaterials. Founded as a university project, Rethread Africa, a valued member of Impact Hub Nairobi, has grown to secure partnerships and attract interest from industry leaders and global fashion brands.

Transforming lives through skill development: TSWINI’s inspirational journey

Chisom Nwankwo, founder of The Skilled Women Initiative (TSWINI), began with a vision to empower Nigeria’s internally displaced persons (IDPs) through skills training. Evolving from hat-making to a diverse range of skills, TSWINI’s impact has reached over 1,200 beneficiaries in Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda.

Footprints Africa: paving the way for sustainable businesses in Africa

Footprints Africa is on a mission to advance sustainable, scalable, and inclusive approaches to developing local African economies. The venture supports SMEs to adopt future-friendly practices, address the challenges of growth, and create jobs, using supply chains as a tool for development.

Circularity in action: inspiring initiatives from Rwanda

Two visionary entrepreneurs in Rwanda, Umuziranenge Blandine of Kosmotive and Planté Josué Niyomugenga of Aflimba, are leading the way in promoting circular economy principles. Through innovative initiatives in the health and fashion industries, they extend product lifecycles, reduce waste, and optimise resource usage.

Circularity in action: awakening Ghana’s circular economy

Sabon Sake and the OR Foundation, two dynamic enterprises based in Ghana, are united by a common vision to revolutionise the Ghanaian economy into a pioneering leader in the circular economy. To amplify the impact of such innovative initiatives, Impact Hub Accra plays a pivotal role by harnessing the power of innovation generated by startups within its vibrant community.

Circularity Tales: from organic waste to alternative proteins

AgriLife, a Tanzania-based venture established in 2021, is on a mission to revolutionise sustainability by transforming organic waste into a valuable resource. By using black soldier fly larvae to produce eco-friendly protein for poultry and organic fertiliser for crops, AgriLife is tackling environmental issues associated with traditional livestock feed. With support from Impact Hub Dar es Salaam, AgriLife successfully incorporated circular principles into their business.

Circularity Tales: a new life for plastic waste in Tanzania

Founded in 2019 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, PREYO CO. LTD leads in plastic waste management, adopting a circular economy approach. Through their involvement in Impact Hub Dar es Salaam’s circularity pilot programme, they have gained valuable insights into circular practices. This experience has strengthened their commitment to creating a closed loop between product and waste management.

Circularity Tales: accelerating the transition in Rwanda

Impact Hub Kigali is a dynamic and forward-thinking innovation hub in Rwanda, dedicated to fostering sustainable business practices and social impact. As part of the global Impact Hub Network, it actively engages in promoting circular economy principles, evident in its successful conclusion of the Circular Economy Acceleration Program. Their commitment to nurturing innovative and socially responsible enterprises makes it a pivotal force in the sustainable development landscape in Rwanda and beyond.

Circularity Tales: piloting implementation in Zimbabwe

In a global effort to promote circularity for a sustainable future, Impact Hub Harare successfully executed a six-month circularity programme. The initiative involved the careful selection of 11 ventures, predominantly comprising social enterprises at different stages of development.

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