Circularity Tales: piloting implementation in Zimbabwe

In a global effort to promote circularity for a sustainable future, Impact Hub Harare successfully executed a six-month circularity programme. The initiative involved the careful selection of 11 ventures, predominantly comprising social enterprises at different stages of development.

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Circularity possesses the transformative potential to shape a more sustainable present and future. At Impact Hub, we steadfastly champion the integration of circular principles into the fabric of our global network’s business support initiatives, with a particular emphasis on incubation and acceleration programs.


In pursuit of this commitment, we embarked on a pioneering pilot programme spanning various Impact Hubs worldwide, dedicated to enhancing the capacities of impact ventures and social entrepreneurs in implementing circular principles within their operations and missions. As part of this transformative journey, Impact Hub Harare enthusiastically participated in running the pilot, contributing to the collective effort.


Situated in Zimbabwe’s capital, Impact Hub Harare meticulously selected 11 ventures, predominantly social enterprises ranging from startup to growth stages, to partake in its six-month circularity programme. While some participants were already deeply immersed in circular practices, focusing on areas such as recycling, food, and plastic waste, others were regarded as “adopters”—organisations open to incorporating circular principles into their core to enhance sustainability. This diverse mix of circular experiences proved to be a valuable ingredient, fostering rich exchanges and advancements throughout the programme.

Beyond instilling a circular mindset and fostering circular business models, one of the programme’s key takeaways for Impact Hub Harare and the participating ventures was the paramount importance of relationship building and cultivating a supportive ecosystem for growth and scaling. The realisation dawned that true circularity cannot be achieved in isolation.


Following the programme’s culmination, the outcomes were uplifting: the final event attracted interest from a myriad of stakeholders, including the national radio station. Numerous individuals reached out to learn more about the next steps in their circularity embedding journey, with notable interest from the country’s Ministry of Environment. The ripple effect of their efforts is evident in the growing attention and engagement surrounding the circular initiatives pioneered by Impact Hub Harare and its ventures.

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