True Value of Forests

We unite diverse voices to craft tangible solutions and explore vital connections between biodiversity, climate change, and land use. Together, we cultivate regenerative ecosystems for a sustainable tomorrow.

Better Incubation

Discover how impact entrepreneurship fuels societal transformation for justice and inclusion. Uniting diverse partners, our EU-backed initiative cultivates thriving communities, fostering equity and empowerment. Dive into insights and resources today!


An initiative in Central Europe to enhance innovation financing by facilitating peer learning and capacity building among stakeholders. The project focuses on co-designing impactful financial instruments for boosting innovation in SMEs and start-ups.

Interns 4 Impact

A development programme designed to connect small, socially-minded businesses with students from top local higher education institutions with the aim to provide valuable recruitment opportunities for both students and businesses.

the Break

Embark on a transformative journey alongside 1000 women entrepreneurs, as our dynamic fellowship sparks acceleration, collaboration, and meaningful change across Europe.

Cartier Women’s Initiative

Women entrepreneurs unite for change. Explore this international programme offering grants of up to $100,000, valuable mentorship, and a transformative network for enduring impact and growth.


adidas Community Lab, in partnership with Impact Hub, offers visionary Black and Latinx entrepreneurs in Portland a unique accelerator experience. Focused on equitable sports access, the programme provides mentorship, workshops, funding, and a global network to transform ideas into reality and drive community change.

New Roots

Discover how New Roots uplifts individuals, especially from Black, Asian, Mixed, or minority ethnic backgrounds, turning their dreams into thriving businesses. This initiative is part of the Empower by GoDaddy programme, fostering positive social change by providing training, tools, and resources to entrepreneurs in marginalised communities.


Momentum breaks barriers by empowering migrant and refugee women with vocational training and labor market access. Uniting stakeholders, this 24-month programme fosters inclusion and collective problem-solving, creating a more equitable society.

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