The CirculUP! project, led by the Impact Hub Network, Impact Hub Yerevan, and the Environment and Health NGO, is a collaborative initiative supported by the European Union in Armenia. It aims to unite diverse stakeholders, fostering a positive impact on both the Armenian economy and society through the adoption of circular economy principles.

Embedding Circularity

The Embedding Circularity programme and learning journey advocate for the transition to a circular economy. Through tailored tools and strategies, they facilitate the integration of circular design principles, fostering innovation and broadening sustainability networks.


In partnership with ERASMUS+, the ACES project consolidates cutting-edge insights and optimal business practices for financial and managerial accounting in the circular economy within the changing EU regulatory framework.

WWF Climate Action

For over a decade, Impact Hub and WWF have collaborated on 40 programmes worldwide, emphasising environmental impact and sustainable entrepreneurship. These initiatives uphold the principles of a sustainable and equitable transition, deeply rooted in our dedication to climate action.

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